Infura and Polygon Announce an Integration

Infura Transactions or ITX allows their users to perform transactions without actually having to hold any ETH. ITX transactions abstract the complexities associated with gas managing that developers face and provide safe submission of transactions. This ensures reduced micromanagement and better workflow for users. Now ITX will use the Polygon network for the smooth usage of their applications. 

Infura provides a very important service for the Ethereum blockchain development sector. It supports the biggest DeFi solutions providers like MakerDAO and Uniswap. Infura also supports popular digital wallets like MetaMask. NFTs like Async Art and Sorare are also supported by Infura. 

According to Infura’s estimates, already 350,000 developers are utilizing the ITX applications to build their web 3.0 applications. Once ITX is integrated, it automatically gets activated for any project. Developers will have to go to settings and manually disable it if they want to stop using ITX. 

The steps to start using ITX are also simple. At first, the user has to generate their own private key, and then they will have to make their ETH deposit. This deposit will be made on Infira’s on-chain contract. Henceforth, users will have to use their Infura private key to make all transactions from their Infura deposit tank. 

The next step is to send a relay request for the amount they want to transact. If they have the available balance, Infura relays the information to the ETH network and completes the transaction. Infura also has a system in place to increase the speed and expense of the transactions. ITX slowly increases the gas that user has to put in and then republishes their transaction by following a pre-determined schedule. The total transaction fee will always be equal to the network fee along with the fee charged by ITX.

Infura is just one of the many new DeFi projects being integrated with the Polygon network. Investors should keep an eye out for news on these integrations on Cryptonewz to keep track of Polygon crypto price prediction statistics.

Trevor Holman

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