Injective Integrates Near Protocol

Injective is all set to establish a linkage with Near Protocol to expand the universe of Multi-chain trading. It is the Injective platform’s mission to forge an inclusive and free financial system of complete decentralization. The partnership’s objective is to create a decentralized ecosystem of Multi-chain trading to create an international borderless market exposure network. At the Injective platform, the users will be provided with access to crypto assets for seamless trading across multiple blockchain networks while maintaining nativity with the blockchain of Ethereum.

The integration with Near Protocol will enable Injective to release derivatives based on the Near token along with native assets built at the blockchain of Near Protocol. The bridging of the assets between Near Protocol and Injective shall be enabled by Aurora, the platform of Ethereum-compatible smart contracts driven by Near Protocol. Aurora consists of two essential components that serve as pillars for the bridging of assets across the platforms. One of these assets is the Aurora Engine, and the other one is the Aurora Bridge. The Aurora Engine enables the deployment of Vyper and Solidity smart contracts, and the Aurora Bridge allows unrestrained data and token transfers across Aurora and Ethereum.

Injective seeks to provide users with easy access to DeFi markets, and so the platform is now exploring partnership opportunities with top-tier Blockchains like Avalanche and Polkadot. These networks may have poor levels of adoption but are known for their unique benefits. Unlike these networks, the Blockchain of Ethereum enjoys tremendous usage despite its network congestion and scalability issues. Eric Chen, the CEO of Injective, is looking forward to collaborating with the teams at Near and Aurora to provide users with access to unique derivatives markets and Near-based markets.

Trevor Holman

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