Injective Protocol Becomes Part Of Galaxy Ecosystem

On Tuesday, Injective Protocol became part of the free Galaxy ecosystem with the objective of providing the users in the community a no-holds-barred financial future. Project Galaxy is steered by a licensed-based NFT structure and is now inducting the Fast Track of Injective to the Crypto NFT gallery campaign. In addition, the unique NFTs being launched which will be adorned as the badge of honor for the premiere class of the Injective Academy in the summer of 2021. NFT Armstrong is the #1 NFT in the collection and anyone can who has taken the Zero to One in Crypto track in the campaign for Fast Track to Crypto learning can claim it. 

NFT Shepard is the #2 NFT in the collection and those who are eligible are the ones who took the Fast Track to Crypto learning campaign through the Trader’s Journey track. NFT Skywalker is the NFT#3  in the collection and anyone who has taken the Fast Track to Crypto learning campaign via the Sell me this Bitcoin track can claim it. To claim these benefits, one must first connect the Ethereum Mainnet to their wallet, pin down on those campaigns from which they can claim the NFTs and they can do so before September 30. Since their launch, NFTs have become very popular and have got extensive mileage. In H12021, NFT sales touched $2.5 billion and in the last month, the total sales were $1.6 billion on the Open Sea.

Trevor Holman

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