Input Output Global adds Nami Wallet to its product portfolio

IOG, or Input Output Global, recently announced adding the Nami wallet to its product family. The company released an official post to make the announcement.

The post discussed the reputation that the Nami wallet had built. Ever since its release in July 2021, the wallet has secured the trust of numerous platforms.

Developed by Alessandro Konrad, the wallet is renowned for its user-friendliness. This feature has made Nami a popular choice among Cardano users.

After the integration, IOG is looking forward to the evolution of Nami. The company intends to align the features of the wallet with its product strategy. The parties are unifying their due course while remaining true to Nami’s user-friendly approach.

Despite the development bringing Nami to a new ecosystem, IOG has promised users to keep its quality services intact. Charles Hoskinson, the CEO and Founder of IOG, also talked about the integration.

The Cardano co-founder stated that Alessandro has done an amazing job with Nami. The leading crypto wallet facilitates ease of use and convenience across the Cardano ecosystem. That is why IOG is thrilled to bring Nami to the next stage with its stewardship.

The team looks forward to seeing Alessandro build new services designed for the Cardano community, according to Hoskinson.

Similarly, Alessandro Konrad also praised the collaboration. The developer behind the Nami wallet stated that it feels surreal to see how Nami has progressed. The wallet started with the desire to develop a marketplace contract and dApps for SpaceBudz on Cardano.


However, the developer soon found the idea lacking. This setback pushed Alessandro to develop a new wallet, and Nami was created several months later. IOG boasts the expertise and resources to help Nami get the support it has always needed, said Alessandro.

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