Input Output Global Collaborates With Stanford University

Input Output Global has announced plans to collaborate with Stanford University by establishing a peer-reviewed research Hub at the university. Blockchain Research Hub will be worth $4.5 million and will be led by some of the most brilliant minds at Stanford University.

The Hub starts accepting proposals for research in September 2022, with a deadline tentatively set in November 2022. The Hub will dedicatedly work in the field of blockchain technology. All the involved departments will be tasked with the following pointers:-

  • Increase the collation of the scientific knowledge of the blockchain industry.
  • Tackle important queries in the blockchain space.
  • Promote the need for research in the blockchain industry.

It has rarely been mentioned, but research is necessary to solve some of the most common issues in the blockchain space. For instance, bridge hacks and blockchain collapses have been troubling networks for some time.

What makes the matter worse is a new entry without the conduct of any research, and it further accelerates the issue, and the resolution is pushed away.

The research Hub will enable the committee to facilitate rapid growth, improvement, and adoption of the technology most securely and authentically possible. A few objectives that have been drawn out for the committee members are as follows:-

  • Launch a call to invite research proposals;
  • Review, discuss, and agree to a research program;
  • Go through every research proposal that is submitted;
  • Set criteria and come to a conclusion about which projects should be funded;
  • Review the progress of projects that have secured the funding under the initiative.

Charles Hoskinson, the Chief Executive Officer of Input Output Global, highlighted that blockchain development would progress faster under the Hub and will be based on the committee’s new learnings. IOHK is also the driving force behind the decentralized and smart contract platform, Cardano.

Professor David Tse has been appointed to head the committee as the Committee Chair. David Tse is a professor of engineering at the university. Professor David Tse said he was grateful for the support, adding that the Hub will boost the interest in fundamental & applied blockchain research at Stanford.

According to Professor Aggelos Kiayias, Chief Scientist of Input Output Global and Professor at the University of Edinburgh, the advancement is crucial for maximizing the potential of blockchain technology. Professor Aggelos Kiayias added that the collaboration would allow others to undertake their research, allowing everyone to work together for progress.

The Hub will function with a multidisciplinary approach, allowing researchers to collaborate with others in the blockchain industry.

The collaboration with Stanford University strengthens that Input-Output Global values a peer-driven process to develop high-assurance blockchain technology. Dan Boneh, Ashish Goel, Andrew Hall, Laurie Simon Hodrick, John Mitchell, Peter Gazi, and Sandro Coretti Drayton will hold key positions on the committee.

Trevor Holman

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