InQubeta thrives in presale amid Bitcoin’s sub-$30k performance, wooing institutional interest

While Bitcoin (BTC) prices have failed to hold above the $30k mark multiple times this year, InQubeta (QUBE) has raised over $2.1 million in token sales despite how bearish cryptocurrency markets have been. Even institutional investors are starting to monitor the project’s market-defying growth as its tokens continue to sell at a faster rate than anticipated. 

InQubeta aims to advance artificial intelligence (AI) by directing capital to AI startups that need funding and opening up investment opportunities to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet. The network serves as an alternative for those who haven’t been able to meet the sometimes elitist standards of traditional investment channels. 

Bitcoin has come a long way since the days it sold for pennies, and it’s amassed a market cap of over $580 billion. Bitcoin doesn’t have the fastest network or the lowest fees, but its status as one of the first cryptocurrencies ever developed has helped it to dominate the cryptocurrency space. 

InQubeta (QUBE) thriving despite bearish cryptocurrency markets

The InQubeta presale continuing to bring in investors despite all the uncertainty in the crypto space isn’t surprising when the many things the project has going for it are factored in. 

First, InQubeta helps to advance artificial intelligence, and investments in companies that push AI have grown from $12 billion in 2015 to $120 billion in 2022. Investments in companies that help the progression of AI are expected to exceed $1.5 trillion in the next seven years. The InQubeta project has positioned itself to help guide a portion of these funds to AI startups. 

Second, InQubeta makes investments in AI more reachable, sidestepping the obstacles that often deny a large portion of the global population entry to these platforms, like minimum deposits that are more than the average annual salary in the U.S. Thanks to the QUBE network, anyone who wants to invest in companies that might end up playing a major role as AI takes over the world now has the opportunity to do so without having to jump through hurdles. 


A better way to invest

The InQubeta project replaces stocks with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing companies to raise funds by selling equity-based tokens. These companies have to pass through an evaluation performed by the InQubeta team before getting access to its NFT creation ecosystem. 

NFTs are listed on the marketplace, where investors can acquire them with $QUBE tokens. These NFTs are transferred to buyers once deals are completed, giving them part ownership. Some of these tokens give additional rewards like discounts or a slice of profits. 

InQubeta investors can also earn an additional $QUBE by staking their holdings to help operate, manage, and secure the proof-of-stake blockchain. 

Bitcoin (BTC) fails to hold above $30k despite optimistic projection

Standard Chartered recently predicted Bitcoin prices would reach $120k by 2024, but that hasn’t helped to hold prices above the 30k mark. Bitcoin has more mainstream adoption than any other cryptocurrency, but it’s been unable to reclaim 2021 highs as every attempt to hold over $30k since the 2022 crypto market crash has failed. 

Still, Bitcoin prices have grown by over 60% in 2023, and prices will likely skyrocket when it finally clears 30k. 


The InQubeta project is making all sorts of waves in the cryptocurrency space as it raises over $2.1 million during its early stages. The platform opens up AI investments to all who wish to participate and helps fund startups that need capital to advance their project. 

InQubeta is one of the most profitable altcoins to invest in, with the potential to grow by over 1,000x in the next couple of years as over $1.5 trillion is poured into artificial intelligence. 

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