Instagram Tries Out Fan Club Stories and In-App NFT Memento

Of late, Instagram has been dabbling in many creative, experimental developments to boost its reach to users, i.e., user interaction, and to implement digital assets into its layout. It has recently leased out a new feature called “Fan Club” stories in its beta or developer version. In this feature, a user will be enabled to post a story that will be exclusively visible to their fans or other users who belong to a certified group and are approved by the story creator. Since these stories are exclusively curated, no user can take a screenshot of that story.

For Insta addicts, this means another addition to fun options for the audience choices for their stories. Apart from public views, if their profile were private or locked, only their followers can view the stories the users created. The user could also choose the “Close Friends” option for some of their stories, for which they would have to pick a select number of friends or followers for the audience. With this feature, Instagram will enable creators to gain further revenue by adding only those who will pay to join the fan club.

Furthermore, Alessandro Paluzzi, the app developer, and researcher also informs us that Instagram will open an auction platform for NFT enthusiasts so that they can bid on digital memorabilia. This feature is also supposed to be available with the “Stories,” under the “Collectibles” tag, and the digital art market will gain a huge boost from this feature.

Trevor Holman

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