Intella X forms a collaboration with Chainlink Labs

Intella X, which is a Web3 gaming platform on Polygon, has forged a collaboration with Chainlink Labs. NEOWIZ, a top gaming studio, has been responsible for the development of Intella X. Through the collaboration, both entities will be engaged in furthering the acceptance of blockchain-oriented gaming, along with Chainlink Web3 services.

Intella X is a platform that backs new-age game development and all-inclusive gameplay. It also handles the backend activities. The entity provides a contributor-oriented ecosystem wherein connected developers and users are rewarded via their revenue methods. Intella X comes with a DEX, NFT launchpad, as well as an NFT exchange and a non-custodial Intella X Wallet. The developer of Intella X, NEOWIZ, has the development of many titles to its credit. Some of them are Lies of P, FIFA Online 2, Cats and Soup, and many more. Through the development of Intella X, NEOWIZ is shifting within Web3 and helping in furthering the acceptance of blockchain-oriented games.

Intella X will be utilizing Chainlink’s benchmark Web3 services to improve the clarity aspects and dependability factor of blockchain-oriented games that are created on the platform. With the incorporation of Chainlink VRF, which is a random number generator, games will have the ability to come out with random loot boxes, as well as allocate NFTs and a lot more. 

According to the CEO of Intella X, Jose Ko, the need of the hour to prove the trust factor of blockchain-oriented games requires the utilization of safe, dependable, and decentralized Web3 services. In his opinion, Chainlink Labs is the ideal associate in this matter.

Where Chainlink Labs is concerned, it is a top provider of safe and dependable open-source blockchain oracle solutions. This helps in improving smart contracts by linking them with an array of off-chain data sources and computations. These include asset prices, Web APIs, payment methods, and a whole lot of others.

In the case of Chainlink, it is a benchmark Web3 services platform that has been responsible for large volumes of transactions throughout DeFi, as well as insurance, gaming, NFTs, and some more prime businesses.

Intella X, on its part, is a new-age Web3 gaming platform that is inclined towards the setting up of a higher level in terms of game platform providers within Web3.

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