Interactive Brokers Group Releases Brokerage Metrics for Dec 2022

It has only been a month since Interactive Brokers commenced its overnight trading sessions. The move was intended to encourage Asian investors to trade US ETFs.

After the decision, many anticipated changes in the company’s financial situation and revenue. Every stakeholder is closely examining the metrics the corporation has just released for December 2022.

According to the report, Interactive Brokers Group noted 1.75 million DARTs (daily average revenue trades) in December. The number was 21% lower than in 2021 and 10% lower than in November. While this was surprising, the numbers still enticed users to look for a review of Interactive Brokers.

Other than this, the electronic broker also reported a client equity of 306.7 billion dollars. This was 18% lower than in 2021 and 3% lower than in November 2022.

The report specified the client margin loan balances at 39 billion dollars, which was 29% lower than in 2021. Similarly, it was 1% lower than the one achieved in November 2022.

The numbers alone make Interactive Brokers one of the top forex brokers in Canada. But the broker’s reliable services make it a household name in the region.

That is why it was able to score 2 million client accounts, a number 25% above the one amassed in 2021. Similarly, the number was 1% higher than in November 2022. 

Furthermore, the broker reported 189 yearly cleared daily average revenue trades per account. This resulted in an average commission per order of 3.17 dollars, including clearing, regulatory, and exchange fees.


On the other hand, the value of Interactive Brokers’ GLOBAL was reported to have increased by 0.51%. Before the year was over, though, this sum decreased by 1.85%.

Trevor Holman

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