Interactive Brokers Group shares Electronic Brokerage Metrics

Interactive Brokers Group recently shared its monthly performance metrics for electronic brokerage. The automated electronic broker had spoken about flat metrics in monthly turnover several weeks ago as well.

The company was aiming to develop and integrate new policies, resulting in increased monthly turnovers. According to the latest report, the aim has not been fulfilled, as IBKR is experiencing a 30% dip in its DARTs (Daily Average Revenue Trades).

The metric fell 1% compared to the numbers achieved in October 2022, amounting to 1.951 million. Known among the best forex brokers in Canada, IBKR managed to accrue 317 billion dollars in ending client equity.

The number was down 15% on a year-over-year basis; however, it was 7% higher than in October. On the other hand, the company noted a 28% dip in its ending client margin loan balances, which amounted to 39.2 billion dollars. The amount was 1% lower compared to what IBKR reached in October.

The broker made a turnaround in its ending client credit balances, scoring a 10% yearly and 1% monthly hike, reaching 96 billion dollars. With 2.07 million client accounts, IBKR scored a 26% yearly and 1% monthly increase.

In addition, the company received a 3.19-dollar average commission from peers. Users can also click here to learn more about the broker and its services. Unlike previous months, the broker reported an increase of 1.16% in GLOBAL value.

This was also displayed in its stock price, which traded at 21,354 dollars in November. Available in 150 markets, the broker offers services revolving around security custody and trade execution.


Seeing its dedication to offering the best services shows how the company can achieve its goal of offering traders advantageous prices and trading opportunities.

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