Interactive Brokers raises trading hours for US Treasury Bonds to 21

Interactive Brokers, an international brokerage firm, has informed the public that trading hours for US Treasury bonds have been extended to twenty-one hours per day. Customers are now granted access to the trading platform from 8:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) until 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) the following day, with a temporary suspension from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  This change enables them to maintain operational flexibility across multiple time zones and respond quickly to global market fluctuations.

The decision, according to Interactive Brokers Executive Vice President Thomas Frank, demonstrates the organization’s dedication to improving its bond offerings. This expansion is a fundamental component of their strategy to enhance the customer experience; it aims to provide customers with a wider selection of products, platforms, and liquidity options. 

Frank emphasized the criticality of catering to the subtleties of their international clientele, which hailed from more than two hundred countries and territories. As a result, they have implemented a trading schedule that accommodates various time zones across the globe.

Interactive Brokers provides a diverse range of bond offerings, encompassing municipal, corporate, treasury, and non-US sovereign bonds. Furthermore, in accordance with the clients’ individual preferences and objectives, the firm grants them complimentary utilization of the IBKR Bond Marketplace search tool, enabling them to tailor their investment strategies.

Interactive Brokers recently entered the Japanese market with the CFD (Contracts for Difference) options product in an effort to broaden its service portfolio. This will enable Japanese traders to engage in trading activities involving equities not only in Europe but also in other international markets. Although this creates prospects for both long and short positions, it also grants investors a more extensive range of opportunities to operate in various positions.

Additionally, the company provides traders with a plethora of supplementary features and functions that can be utilized on the platform. Such information is included in the Interactive brokers review, along with pros and cons, fee structure, account categories, and much more.

The minimum commission structure for CFD trading on US shares, according to Interactive Brokers, is $0.0055 per share. Commission fees differ among the markets in which we conduct business, averaging 0.033% for JP share CFDs and 0.121% for Singapore share CFDs.

Interactive Brokers recently announced profitable results, defying market expectations. In the first three months of the year, revenue surged 13% to $1.2 billion. A 25% increase in client accounts, bringing the total to 2.75 million, was the primary driver of the platform’s significant spike in commission revenue, which reached $379 million.

The strategic initiatives and expansions of Interactive Broker demonstrate the company’s dedication to delivering a comprehensive trading experience to a vast customer base spanning the globe. These and other developments substantially guarantee services of the highest quality on the globally competitive financial market.

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