International Chess Federation to develop Web 3 products on Avalanche

The international chess governing body, FIDE, plans to create a number of Web 3.0 products on the decentralized Avalanche platform. With more than 500 million players worldwide, chess is a sport of competition. Among the many competitions put on by FIDE are the World Chess Championship and Chess Olympiad.

This FIDE-Avalanche partnership will involve Core and Avalanche as tournament sponsors, including the World Rapid and Blitz Championships in 2022. Additionally, they will invest in the product development of FIDE in order to promote chess to the Web 3.0 arena.

Ava Labs will work with FIDE to implement blockchain technologies to address game-related issues and bring about operational efficiencies for federations and players, enhancing the integrity of the game, power innovation, and the introduction of new player generations. The Avalanche platform will offer some noteworthy opportunities, such as:-

  • Determine the official on-chain player rating
  • Publish tournament details on the blockchain
  • Enhance the on-chain experience with customization
  • Launch the on-chain game data-powered FIDE game explorer
  • Releasing prize money for tournaments on Avalanche

FIDE was founded about a century ago, and it presently unites approximately 200 chess associations from around the globe into a single international organization. The organization supervises the most prestigious competitions, such as the World Chess Championships, which are played by great grandmasters such as Kasparov, Carlsen, and Fischer.

Until a few decades ago, chess was a conventional board game. Today, more than 100 million individuals play chess online regularly and compete in more than 25 million virtual chess matches everyday.

Now, the game is all set to make its next evolution on Avalanche. 

Emil Sutovsky, the CEO of FIDE, indicated that Ava Labs is among the leading or driving forces in on-chain innovations. On the other side, FIDE is continually improving player involvement and experience. This partnership will enable FIDE to unify the chess community and strengthen the bond between federations, clubs, and players, as well as FIDE.

According to Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, moving the game on-chain will generate endless opportunities and usher in a brand-new age for the game. On the Avalanche platform, users will have a completely new on-chain gaming experience.

The collaboration will begin during the 2022 World Rapid and Blitz Championships, one of FIDE’s marquee tournaments, which will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 25 December to 30 December 2022.

In 1999, the International Olympic Committee designated FIDE as the Global Sporting Organization. It was founded in Paris in 1924 and has its headquarters in Lausanne. Currently, it is one of the world’s largest federations, with 199 affiliated member countries.

With its innovative Subnets and revolutionary consensus protocol, Avalanche is the most dependable and quickest platform for smart contracts, enabling Web 3.0 developers to offer scalable solutions in a seamless manner. Users can build anything they wish on the decentralized and environmentally friendly Blockchain network by deploying on the EVM.

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