Internet Computer (ICP) publishes its roadmap

DFINITY Foundation, the parent company of Internet Company (IP), has published a roadmap. It highlights the company’s commitment to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology. Moreover, Internet Company is interested in bringing most of its services and operations onto the chain.

The updated roadmap’s core areas of interest are chain fusion, privacy, computing platforms, and improving developers’ experiences. It will also focus on improving many other aspects of the ecosystem, like digital assets, tokenomics, and governance.

For starters, it will achieve two milestones: Stellaratos and Tokamak. Stellaratos will work on data with a new storage layer, which will be greater than 1 TB. Tokamak will reduce latency and provide an enhanced user experience.

Next, decentralized Artificial Intelligence will address Gyrotron and Cyclotron, utilizing them to train chain models and smart contracts and improve performance in larger models in smart contracts, respectively. The final and third objective is to achieve the fusion of chains to boost the interoperability of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The three milestones here include Tritium, Deuterium, and Helium.

Every element has a different role to play, but they all converge to achieve interoperability. Tritium will facilitate an interaction between ICP Ethereum and EVM smart contracts. Deuterium will facilitate chain fusion to support Bitcoin operations. Helium will ensure that the distance between Solana and ICP is reduced efficiently.

The decentralized milestone will focus on Solenoid and Levitron. Solenoid will decentralize the operations of ICP boundary nodes. Levitron will leverage the capabilities of AMD SEV-SNP.

The team has committed to some of the big or substantial changes within the ecosystem. Its identity approach will have three core characteristics: user-friendly, autonomous, and privacy-preserving. It will be backed by a password-based authentication solution based on Separatrix, which is tasked with introducing verifiable credentials and identity attributes.

The end goal in digital assets is to make ICP an attractive destination for developers looking to create multiple solutions, such as wallets and multi-chains. Toroidal will focus on a smart contract wallet called Oisy, and Poloidal will focus on a comprehensive framework of digital assets called Orbit.

ICP’s governance model will utilize NNS DAO and SNS. NNS DAO governs the protocol, and SNS functions as a toolbox to create DAOs that have the potential to govern individual decentralized applications, that is, dApps. Internet Company will use Plasma to advance the decentralization of the ecosystem’s liquid democracy.

Improving developer experience entails several aspects; however, the core focus of ICP is on delivering an inclusive protocol that can preserve quality. It will rely on Beryllium to improve the life cycle of projects innovated by developers through a registry infrastructure.

The roadmap has yet to impact the listed price of ICP. The native token is exchanging hands at $12.57, down by 3.30% in the last 24 hours while writing this article. However, it has increased by 3.32% in the previous 7 days and dropped by 14.32% in the last 30 days

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