Interpret and Measure Protocol Join Hands to Build a Blockchain-based Online Gaming Research Community

Consumer markets research company Interpret has joined hands with Measure Protocol, an ethical personal data marketplace, to build an all-new online gaming research community based on blockchain technology. The platform will be for Interpret’s video gaming community and will be introduced as functionality in Measure Protocol’s MSR App. Commenting on the partnership, Interpret CEO Grant Johnson Said,

The rules for engaging with consumers have changed and we increasingly rely on providing them with an engaging experience within a trusted environment while compensating them for their time. Measure provides us with a mobile and consumer-centric approach to bring value to our members. Gamers are particularly tech-savvy and demanding and Measure’s privacy-first blockchain-powered approach keeps us ahead of the game.

Measure’s new community feature has opened the gates to several opportunities, both for the users and the data purchasers. The users can enter a variety of themed communities and take up good-paying data jobs while protecting their data. The feature is particularly helpful for researchers and data purchasers, as they will get access to end-users from whom they can take useful insights.

At a time when the world is looking for large scale blockchain adoption, such developments become absolutely crucial. In fact, blockchain has been at the helm of the online gaming industry for a long time, and its venture into the online video gaming community platforms comes as no surprise. However, the response from the community itself is still awaited, though the positive outcome is almost certain.

Founded in 2018, Measure Protocol is the brainchild of a group of media and market research tech veterans, which was created with an intent to allow users to have better authority over their data. Owen Hanks, Measure Protocol CEO, stated that the online gaming industry is data-intensive and the feedback from gamers is of great value to the industry researchers and companies.

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