Introducing Surf Reward – Earn while you surf the web!

In a groundbreaking move, Surf Reward’s advertising browser extension ($SURF) has skyrocketed to an impressive $125,000 in funding shortly after its launch.

Surf Reward offers users an innovative Surf-2-Earn model, where you get rewarded for viewing ads while you browse the web.

This unique ecosystem operates through a browser extension, replacing regular ads with tailored ones from their advertising partners.

What sets Surf Reward apart is that it shares a significant portion of its advertising revenue directly with viewers in place of hoarding it like traditional ad platforms. This approach ensures that the $SURF token sees consistent value growth.

Marketing collaborators pay for their ads using $SURF tokens. 30% of this earning is allocated to viewers, while a whopping 60% is reinvested into the liquidity pool, developing sustainable demand for the token.

Surf Reward is addressing the ongoing issues in online advertising where users aren’t compensated for their time, and advertisers lose out as users often employ AdBlock to avoid ads altogether.

This innovative solution ensures that users are rewarded for their time, and advertisers can effectively reach their customer base, shaping a beneficial situation for everyone involved.

Installing the Surf Reward browser extension is a breeze, and it’s compatible with most online browsers.

Guided by the experienced Albelius Capital AG team

This project is helmed by the highly experienced Albelius Capital AG team, a German stock corporation based in Düsseldorf. With a background in real property and worldwide investments, Albelius Capital AG has ventured into the blockchain industry and made Surf Reward its flagship product. Their five-plus years of know-how and two years of dedicated project development shine through.

Albelius Capital AG team

Join the Surf Reward presale for exclusive benefits

Surf Reward has recently kicked off its presale, amassing more than $125,000 in investments rapidly.

Traders are flocking to get in early, given the rising token prices in the presale. Currently priced at $0.023, the token’s cost grows by $0.001 every 14 days during the presale. Early investors stand to gain the greatest as they exit the presale with substantial unrealized returns.

Buy $SURF Now

The $SURF token offers various utilities to ensure prospects for investors’ sustained expansion over time. It serves as the means of exchange on the system for rewarding users for watching ads and is also utilized by advertising collaborators to make payments for their ads.

Presale participants enjoy additional benefits via Reward Boosters. Purchasing greater than $100 during the presale grants a 10% rewards boost via the surf-2-earn idea. The reward boost may go up to 250% for those buying over $2,000 $SURF in the presale.

Staking enthusiasts also have something to cheer about, with stakers earning up to 5,000% APY. While this return decreases as a higher number of users join the staking pool, it remains notably above the majority of staking choices available in the sector.


Surf Reward is all set to revolutionize the advertising sector by returning the most rewards to users. With its ongoing infusion of liquidity from advertising agreements, $SURF aims to become the subsequent 100x token in the market.

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