Introduction of Polygon zkEVM app dashboard on BOS

NEAR Foundation makes a declaration of the fact that an interactive Polygon zkEVM application has been introduced on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). This will be beneficial for zkEVM developers and users who are on the open web, as it will help in raising the levels of connectivity, along with enhancing user exposure. 

Polygon zkEVM is a zero-knowledge upgrading solution that is adaptable with EVM for the incorporation of smart contracts, as well as developer tools. Polygon ecosystem DEX QuickSwap will be responsible for the dashboard and will contain BOS parts with regards to Polygon’s zkEVM bridge, along with multiple Polygon decentralized applications like Gamma, PancakeSwap, and Balancer. 

Having the Polygon zkEVM app dashboard on BOS, users will have the option of utilizing zkEVM projects conveniently and on a single website. The user will be required to link his wallet. The dashboard will create connectivity with the parts. Codes being open source, users will be able to operate their own type of site. With the dashboard being on NEAR BOS, developers of Polygon zkEVM will be exposed to an uninterrupted environment. The association will be instrumental in the building of dApps which will pull in hordes of users within the open web. 

The Polygon zkEVM dashboard comes with a double whammy, the utility of zero-knowledge technology and the strength of BOS. This will ease the way to enter Web3. The association between NEAR and Polygon zkEVM will introduce a fresh array of zero knowledge-building options for developers of zkEVM. 

According to Jack Melnick of Polygon Labs, the zkEVM application dashboard helps developers to speed up mass utilization of Web3. NEAR BOS helps boost the platform in carrying out further onboarding, heightening the dApp user exposure. BOS, on its part, does its bit in the creation of multi-chain applications.

BOS simplifies the process of Web3 application creation and provides an all-inclusive toolkit for the benefit of developers belonging to every ecosystem. Developers are able to create composable applications with regards to the open web via multiple parts, as well as receive feedback from real users. Above all, with Polygon zkEVM being positioned on NEAR BOS, it will help developers to upgrade Ethereum using new-age zero-knowledge technology.

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