Best Crypto Investments to Stay Ahead of the Market: Uniglo (GLO), Stellar (XLM), and XRP (XRP)

The history of Bitcoin taught us one good lesson – staying ahead of the market can make you a millionaire. Bitcoin started in 2009 with a price ranging between $0 and $5. Thirteen years later, the price of Bitcoin now fluctuates around $21,000. 

We may no longer see the same exponential gains ever. But if you establish a habit of staying ahead of the market, you could consistently grow your crypto investment portfolio. For us, three good starting points for staying ahead in the crypto sphere are Uniglo (GLO), Stellar (XLM), and XRP (XRP).

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a new DeFi solution that offers social reflection currency GLO. The project places 5% of its 10% buy-and-sell tax into a treasury that funds the purchase of assets. As the project grows, the community will purchase assets, adding them to the Uniglo Vault, and the vault will then back the floor price of the Uniglo token.

Essentially, Uniglo aims to optimize the treasury appreciation for token holders’ profits now and in the future. Moreover, the project implements an Ultra-Burn Mechanism similar to a buyback and burn model. This mechanism will help keep the token scarce, driving its price upward.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is a decentralized protocol that enables cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies – meaning, you can use this to exchange digital currencies, dollars, euros, pesos, and other fiat currencies. With a highly practical service offering, Stellar is a good long-term investment option. Today, the price of its XLM coin is $0.11, but some experts predict it to reach $10 by 2030.


XRP is an exchange platform and remittance network that offers faster and cheaper payments. With the aim of expanding financial inclusion and access to credit, XRP is partnering with a growing number of digital exchanges to expand the range of currencies for which the XRP coin can be traded. Recently, a number of whales also accumulated XRP coins, boosting confidence in the coin’s potential. As such, XRP could be a profitable investment for long-term token holders.

Final Takeaway

To ensure portfolio growth, you need coins with strong potential for price gains and long-term appreciation. Buying into Uniglo (GLO), Stellar (XLM), and XRP (XRP) today could give you a lead to stay ahead of the market. Particularly, Uniglo just started the first phase of its presale on July 15. Prospective investors have an opportunity to buy into the GLO token very early.

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