Investment In Blockchain Research Sought By Executives From Numerous Industries: Deloitte Survey

As per the survey conducted by Deloitte, almost 84% of executives from numerous industries like media, telecom, technology have shown their interest to invest in blockchain based research. Almost 39 percent of the participant are believed that the blockchain technology is promoted excessively.

As per the survey result produced by Deloitte, approximately 40 percent of executives from a variety of industries are inclined to invest millions into blockchain research next year.

The entire survey published on Tuesday. It was conducted where more than 1050 executives participated from seven countries. Almost 180 executives from media, technology, telecom participated.

While incorporating ethical practices with shifting from speculation to utilization, the findings of the survey disclosed the new age technology saying that “while blockchain is not quite ready for primetime, it is getting closer to its breakout moment every day.”

Out of all participants, 59 percent extravagantly said that they see the blockchain technology to disrupt their industry, whereas 29 percent have already joined the consortium of blockchain in order to reap the value-added benefits that it offers.

The majority of the participants, almost 84 percent see the technology that will change the dynamics of the traditional businesses do globally. They said that they “believe that blockchain will broadly scale and reach mainstream adoption.” Besides this, almost 34 percent disclosed that their own companies have already started using blockchain technology to some or a larger extent, with 41% participants have already planned to introduce a blockchain project soon.


When it comes to taking the opinion and survey of people, they always differ on a case to case basis. Besides having the majority of the participants that are more inclined towards the blockchain technology, almost 39% believed that “the blockchain technology is overhyped.”

The authors of the survey supposed that the major cause of mistrust of the blockchain technology is due to the high volatility in token prices in place. However, when it comes to reaping the benefits that the blockchain technology has in place will be the major evidence that will prompt everyone to use it!!

Shalin Soni

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