Investor Information Portal Launches Jobs Board for Cryptocurrency Industry

People are always looking for new avenues for increasing their cryptfolio in the burgeoning times of cryptocurrency evolvement. In more direct ways than one, it allows you to get involved in a project where you can get repaid in tokens. A new platform is here to help you with searching for jobs, and employees in the field are underway, where only those who are paying for the services are the companies.

Find a Job at ICO Bazaar

ICO Bazaar, a cryptocurrency investor information portal, is soon revealing a new platform to match the companies with the potential talents looking for a job in the field. Our sources suggest that the official launch of the platform will be at the end of August this year. Apart from that, the recent news suggests that the job board also had more than 300 listed companies with more than 1000 positions open ready to be filled.

This new initiative platform will be free for the candidates, and the companies get a one month free trial for registration before launch. As for the companies, there are no final fees yet, but companies assume that the price might be the same as the current market rate.

ICO Bazaar - Crypto Market Insight

They further explained that their companies are also expecting feedback from their client during their performances in the test period to help them settle future rates. Moreover, some of these ICO teams are also using this platform to look out for newer talent for Modern Token Agency, Oxygen Trade, and Orca Alliance.

The guiding force behind this decision to launch a new platform and service field is the acute absence of talent among numerous budding projects all around the world. Each ICO company offers at least 2-3 positions opening on an average, and as a result, there are more jobs listed on ICO Bazaar. It also allows the potential employees to communicate with them about their questions which provide a bigger platform. Moreover, there is a huge demand for blockchain talents which makes ICO a primary field.

New research and findings show the growing demand for blockchain experts increased by 115% by 2017 as there is a shortage of tech and non-tech professionals on the market. Similarly in December 2017 the demand of cryptocurrency jobs raised and as did the queries of the blockchain.

There were many opening positions, but the top ten listed job on Indeed were Project Manager, Senior Developer, Proposition Architect, QA Engineer, C Developer, Java Developer, IT Innovation, Software Engineer, Recruiter, and Developer.

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