Chainlink, 1inch, & Pomerdoge price analysis: Which altcoin are investors favoring?

Investors and traders are consistently looking for altcoins through which they can diversify which can supply them with massive returns in the long term. As of recently, they’ve been eyeing three specific altcoins, and those include Chainlink (LINK), 1inch (1INCH), and Pomerdoge (POMD). 


  • Chainlink to climb to $9.12 by year-end
  • 1inch to reach $0.40 by 2023 end
  • Pomerdoge (POMD) sets $0.035 as its next price target

Chainlink (LINK) price analysis

The Chainlink (LINK) price was $7.50 on August 14, with a trading volume of $209,254,135 and a market cap of $4,045,199,432. Moreover, during the past week, the cryptocurrency saw its low point at $7.04, with its high point at $7.84. 

Moreover, this means that the Chainlink crypto did not dip under the $7 support level and provides an excellent perspective for its future. During the past 30 days, the Chainlink price went up by 7.6%, and it’s been up by 4.1% in the past week. 

Subsequently, if it breaks the current $8 price barrier, it can reach new heights. According to the Chainlink price prediction, it can spike to $9.12 by the end of the year. 

1inch (1INCH) future outlook

Another cryptocurrency that investors are eyeing is 1inch (1INCH), which trades at $0.309425. Its market cap is $318,073,166, and its trading volume is $16,852,872. Moreover, during the past week, the 1inch crypto saw its low point at $0.296748, with its high point at $0.311689.

Additionally, it did not shift in value too much, as it only increased by 1.1% in the past week. However, this stability can play a key role in breaking the $0.35 price barrier. According to the 1inch price prediction, it’s expected to climb to $0.40 by the end of the year. 

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Pomerdoge (POMD) sets $0.035 as next price target

While Chainlink and 1inch both showcase a promising future, another cryptocurrency has captured a significant level of appeal from investors, and that’s Pomerdoge (POMD).

Pomerdoge is an upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform featuring a meme coin. Anyone earning tokens can access NFTs, get rewards, and buy unique items within the ecosystem’s marketplace. POMD is the native cryptocurrency, also referred to as Pomer food within the ecosystem.

First, there’s Pomergame. This is the virtual world in which players can game and earn rewards by doing so. The goal is for them to build up their Pomer character to Elite Level, after which they can create custom items. In addition, upon reaching Gold Status Pomer, they can each engage in the procedure of selling skins, items, and other valuables in the Pomerplace.

Second, there’s the Pomerplace, which is the dedicated marketplace. It also consists of an Arena where players can battle their Pomer against others, and a winner will take all of the rewards.

Third, a dedicated collection of 7,777 unique NFTs will be released in August and September. Each one will cost 0.2 ETH and be exclusively available to POMD holders.

Moreover, a single Pomerdoge (POMD) token trades for just $0.008 during the early presale period. Analysts have set $0.035 as the next price target, and if it reaches this value, it can provide solid returns for early investors. 

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