DeFi Never Sleeps: How Investors Are Generating Massive Returns Through Yield Farming Protocols Such As Gnox, Pancakeswap, & Curve?

Decentralized finance has earned a unique reputation across the crypto market for its yield-generating capacity is way higher than any traditional financial tool. No bonds, no stocks, or certificates of deposits can match the returns you get with yield farming protocols.

For the uninitiated, yield farming is an investment strategy where you can lend or stake your digital assets on a decentralized app to earn passive income in cryptocurrencies. A handful of DeFi protocols are floating around the market, but only a few generate safe and consistent returns for investors. Let’s deep dive into those:-

Curve Protocol (CRV)

Curve is a decentralized exchange, especially known for swapping assets pegged to a value at a 1:1 ratio. The tri-pool’s largest pool of the protocol holds a huge amount of liquidity (roughly $3.5 billion), containing some of the top stable coins, including USDT, USDC, and DAI. It garnered the attention of investors for deep liquidity and low fees because Curve rewards liquidity providers with its native token CRV.

The idea of a decentralized protocol as a savings account comes to fruition with the introduction of Curve liquidity pools. The real reason behind its success has been the subsidization of liquidity with CRV tokens, ensuring the liquidity rewards are high enough to keep the stakeholders interested.

Yield Farming

Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Pancakeswap is one of the most cost-efficient decentralized exchanges with countless opportunities to generate yields through farming. You need LP tokens to enter any farm on this platform, and the returns vary greatly based on the risk parameters. Aggressive farmers win big on pairs with eye-catching rewards, but there are downside risks as well.

Stablecoin-based farms are the most popular if you are looking for a low-risk/low-return option. Given the user-friendly interface of Pancakeswap, you can easily find a farm based on your risk tolerance.

Gnox Protocol (GNOX)

Gnox is a relatively new entry to the DeFi space with a vision to transform the future of investing. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, this protocol offers “Yield farming as a service” to investors. Every time the native asset GNOX is traded, a 10% tax is applied on the transaction, and token holders receive 1% of the share every 60 minutes.

The rest of the collected tax is added to the treasury funds and deployed in various liquidity pools and loaning protocols to maximize returns. These rewards are again redistributed to those holding GNOX. Unlike other protocols, Gnox takes the guesswork out of the equation and risks its treasury to benefit the community.

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