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Experienced cryptocurrency investors are backing the AI revolution by investing in altcoins like InQubeta (QUBE) and (FET). InQubeta’s presale generates much buzz, with investors looking to purchase tokens at discounted prices. Those who get in during the presale’s beta stage stand to 4x their portfolio by the time the presale is over. 

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades as investments grew from $12.75 billion in 2015 to $119 billion in 2022. These numbers are expected to keep rising, with the total investments in AI technology expected to rise to $1,591 billion by 2030. A substantial fraction of these funds being poured into the AI space will go to cryptocurrencies like InQubeta and, building investment platforms for investors.

InQubeta is emerging as the top altcoin to buy as crypto investors back the AI revolution

Artificial intelligence was nothing more than an interesting concept a few decades ago, but that’s no longer the case. AI-powered devices and software are already being used in many industries. Self-driving cars are no longer a fantasy. Companies like Tesla® now mass produce vehicles with self-driving capabilities. 

The future of artificial intelligence couldn’t look any brighter than it currently is as investments in space grow and an increasing number of people realize AI will be the next major technological breakthrough.

The last major technological breakthrough occurred a few decades ago when the internet was made accessible to the masses. Investors who purchased equity in many of the companies that have built their wealth off the internet’s infrastructure enjoyed unprecedented profits. Early investors in AI technology will likely enjoy the same rewards.

For example, Amazon shares were only $18 per share when the company went public, as no one could predict it would dominate the retail space and put many mainstream retailers out of business. A $10,000 investment in Amazon in 1997 would be worth about $2.2 million today. Unfortunately, many people who might have planned to purchase Amazon stocks back then might not have been able to do so due to entry barriers associated with traditional investment channels. 

InQubeta (QUBE) helps address that problem by providing a platform for anyone, anywhere, to invest in AI without dealing with the red tape associated with mainstream investment opportunities. Startups raise capital on InQubeta’s Ethereum (ETH) based blockchain by creating fractionalized non-fungible tokens representing equity in their firms.

The NFTs created by startups are listed on the blockchain’s marketplace, where investors can purchase tokens of the companies they find promising. These purchases are done with the platform’s native currency, $QUBE tokens. The value of these NFTs increases as the startup’s value rises. Some provide other benefits like profit sharing. The entire system is powered by the InQubeta blockchain and smart contracts.

$QUBE tokens are deflationary to keep prices stable and rising. A 2% tax is added to all transactions and sent to a burning wallet to be removed from circulation. 

InQubeta (QUBE) investors can also make money by staking their tokens to help run the platform. A 5% tax is applied to all $QUBE sell transactions to help fund a reward pool for stakers. 

Visit InQubeta Presale (FET) investors remain bullish aims to automate and decentralize web transactions. It makes everyday tasks like booking a hotel room easier using automated bots called “digital twins” to represent users. Each user digital twin interacts with digital twins from service providers and negotiates deals on their behalf using set parameters like the user’s budget. (FET) continues to attract investors who want to back the growth of AI technology by supporting cryptocurrencies that help push it. 


The AI revolution is moving full steam ahead as investors dump some cryptocurrencies in favor of those that support the technology. InQubeta (QUBE) and are emerging as the two best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023 and beyond. As investment in AI technology grows, so will the investments in these altcoins.

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