Investors Scramble to Gnox as 2nd Presale Sells Out. ETH Whales May Rotate to BNB for This Opportunity

Can a single finance application blow up an entire layer-1 blockchain like Binance Smart Chain? Gnox might have what it takes. When you think about it, there should only be two kinds of people buying and selling crypto. Long-term investors and short-term traders. Currently, long-term investors are stuck using crypto exchanges such as Binance to piecemeal together a diversified portfolio of crypto assets. Even then, it would be hard to outpace the market. Gnox seems to have a solution to the problem with its “yield farming as a service” business model.

GNOX – Yield Farming as a Service

Buying Gnox Token (GNOX) would be like buying a diversified ETF that also pays monthly dividends. All you have to do to invest in a basket of top cryptocurrencies and collect ongoing passive income is to buy and hold the GNOX token. As with an EFT, all the hard work of researching opportunities and babysitting investments is done by a team of experienced DiFi specialists.

The Gnox platform includes a proprietary tool aggregating data on passive income opportunities (pools, lending, staking, etc.) across several DeFi platforms and blockchains. The team analyzes the data and presents the best opportunities to holders for a vote on which is worthy of investment.

The investments come from a constantly growing treasury. Each time someone buys or sells GNOX, a portion is added to the treasury, never to be seen again. Thus the treasury is eternally growing and producing more passive income over time. The income is then used to buy GNOX tokens off exchanges and burn them. This means the circulating supply is always falling. And a 1% royalty on all aftermarket sales is airdropped back to all GNOX holders every hour, so stacks are constantly growing.

Gnox (GNOX)

All of these innovative features combined — the ever-dwindling supply, the eternally growing treasury, and the constantly increasing stacks — encourage early adoption and long-term holding.

GNOX Is Currently in Presale Mode

Speaking of early adoption. The platform doesn’t officially launch until August 18th, and it’s early right now. Gnox is currently offering GNOX tokens in a private presale. In essence, there will probably never be a better time than now to buy GNOX. While the token price may dip (probably not for long), the treasury and the passive income will never disappear. 

Also, any unsold token will be burned when the presale ends on August 12th. If the token doesn’t sell out, then the value of the token will go up once more before it goes on exchanges. (It’s already gone up more than 63% over two previous burns.)

Could GNOX Blow Up Binance?

The Gnox platform will launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). And with the potential to become the first mass-adopted DeFi token, GNOX could lure many users away from exchanges and other blockchains such as Ethereum, the leading DeFi blockchain. Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) whales are seriously considering the GNOX token. This can be seen in that Round 2 of the presale completely sold out within days. You can learn more about GNOX and get in on the presale on the website. 

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