Options traders bearish on ETH, investors back InQubeta as the next big thing in AI & crypto

Operating in a fast-paced landscape, investors and traders constantly monitor trends and sentiments capable of influencing crypto prices. In light of this, options traders are currently bearish on Ethereum after discovering bearish signals and indicators. Their bearish concerns signal caution, resulting in investors opting for more promising investments. This search led to InQubeta, an intersection of blockchain technology and AI, which investors are now backing as the next big thing in AI and crypto.

In this article, we will explore Ethereum’s bearish outlook from the perspective of options traders and the growing support for InQubeta. Additionally, we will also highlight why InQubeta seems to be a more compelling investment.

InQubeta (QUBE): The next big thing in AI and crypto

Contrary to bearish sentiment in the broader crypto market, InQubeta has attracted significant attention and investors’ backing. This is due to its novel concept and convergence between artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, with investors hailing it as the next big thing in both sectors. This, in turn, has contributed to its soaring demand and presale success, with more than $2 million raised so far.

As a convergence between AI and blockchain, InQubeta appeals to both the crypto and AI communities. Its novel concept revolves around leveraging blockchain technology to become the world’s first crowdfunding platform for AI startups. The platform wouldn’t be beneficial only to AI developers but also to crypto investors interested in the AI market. They will be able to invest in cutting-edge and promising AI startups and earn significant returns as they flourish.

InQubeta’s NFT marketplace will allow AI developers to hold fundraising events by giving up stakes in their startups and tokenizing investment opportunities in them. The newly minted investment opportunity will be fractionalized and offered as NFTs on the marketplace. Investors will purchase these NFTs to make real-world AI investments.

Furthermore, InQubeta is hailed as the next big thing because of its enormous growth potential. Its utility token, QUBE, is expected to rise by 400% during the presale. Meanwhile, analysts say it will soar by 5,000% after its launch because of its immense growth potential and exceptional fundamentals.

The presale is presently in stage 2, with a token worth just $0.0098. Considering its enormous growth potential, this is regarded as a decent entry price. Additionally, to secure investment, there was an audit by Hacken and a KYC audit by Block Audit. With InQubeta built on a solid foundation and has huge room for growth, we suggest participating in the presale via the link below.


Ethereum (ETH) shows bearish signals according to options traders

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain system. Ethereum is the leading blockchain in the DeFi ecosystem. It works as a platform for numerous cryptocurrencies, including the execution of smart contracts. However, despite Ethereum’s critical role in the blockchain ecosystem and crypto space, there have been bearish signals around it.

Options trading allows traders to gain insight into market sentiment and future price movements. In recent times, options traders have expressed bearish sentiment on Ethereum. With the price predicted to drop, some traders are already gearing up to short Ethereum. Additionally, this raises concerns over Ethereum’s near-term performance.


The dynamic crypto market is influenced by multiple factors, which should be considered before holding a position or making investments. While options traders are bearish on Ethereum, InQubeta is capturing the attention of investors. This is because of its strong fundamentals, the intersection of AI and crypto, and innovative solutions in the AI market.

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