IOG offers Atala PRISM to the Hyperledger Foundation

IOG donates Atala PRISM, a decentralized ID toolset, now an Open Enterprise Agent, to Hyperledger. Open Enterprise Agent is an open-source code base within Hyperledger Labs.

The Open Enterprise Agent provides an upgradeable and user-friendly platform for the creation of products and services pertaining to decentralized identification. It has been created in Scala, a language that comes with synchronized mechanisms and functions in tandem with W3C quality and Hyperledger Aries RFCs. The aim is to be Blockchain skeptical throughout self-sovereign identity (SSI).

Community involvement and openness are the key requirements for the platform’s balance. The goal is to provide the option for a futuristic trust framework throughout an array of ecosystems. All of this will be achievable with the community’s collective effort to create software with a long shelf life. This is to gain the confidence of developers creating on it. Due to this, the Hyperledger Lab was introduced, which is for the benefit of the community.

With the help of a narrowed-down REST API, the Open Enterprise Agent offers the option of developing controllers in almost all programming languages. It has been developed on Scala and is upgradeable and dependable. The agent utilizes the Cardano Blockchain in the form of a verifiable data registry (VDR).

The PRISM Open Enterprise Agent has been designed in the form of a cloud agent and brings about feasibility and availability. The agent is basically a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) oriented application. It is operable on multiple platforms like Docker adaptable container runtime scenarios. The Open Enterprise Agents play several roles in decentralized identification ecosystems, such as releaser, owner, and authenticator.

The agent helps by backing W3C JWT-VC and will soon be executing AnonCreds. Using DIDComm V2, the agent backs multiple protocols, including Mediator Coordinator, Issue Credential, with Present Proof, Report Problem, and Routing Protocol.


Open Enterprise Agent, a Hyperledger Lab, offers digital identification ecosystems to futurize decentralized identification. It functions as a multi-faceted software agent providing REST API for simplified incorporation. Its backing of industry-level protocols and pledge towards interoperability makes it viable for an array of decentralized identification use cases. In the upcoming days, they will introduce the Atala PRISM Discord, a new home for the community.

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