IOHK Partners with World Mobile Team after Ethiopian Govt

IOHK, the leading Blockchain research & development company backing the Cardano Blockchain, has announced its partnership with the Ethiopian government. The partnership is to implement a national Blockchain-based ID for students and teachers. This Atala PRISM ID can help to digitally verify grades, monitor school performance, and boost employment nationwide.

As a part of the deal, both companies will build a new mobile network in Tanzania, where half the population cannot access the internet. The goal of this partnership is to provide a 5G network to 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopia government is issuing teachers and students with tablets and uninterrupted internet connectivity. The student IDs will be paired along with complete data from Learning Management Systems, which is harnessed using Machine Learning Algorithms, which will drive in creating dynamic curriculum and data-driven policies.

The IOHKs Cardano Blockchain will verify personal data without the support of third-party institutions and give remote populations one-stop-shop access to education and other financial services. Moreover, teachers will be able to use the system for managing schedules and report student’s drop-outs.

John O Connor, IOHK’s African Operations Director, believes this partnership with the Ethiopian government will ignite the box of Blockchain innovation in the country. In addition, according to John, Ethiopia’s Blockchain-based education will play a key role in IOHKs mission for providing financial services and employment.

Cardano Special Event

Cardano had announced a special event in Africa on 29th April 2021. This special event dedicated to Africa talked about innovation and the role Cardano played in this process. Attended by Input-Output founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson, the event presented some milestones achieved by Cardano in the continent.

Partnership with World Mobile

Last year, Cardano Foundation partnered with World Mobile, a leading telecommunication firm providing mobile network service. The telecom company received funding to build an ISPS in Tanzania. The target is to offer cheap mobile internet service in the country. Moreover, the target of its global sim card reaches 53 countries with a cheap call, text, and internet rate.

How will these partnerships affect the Cardano Ecosystem?

IOHK Cardano believes that the African country can become a leader in AI and advanced robotics. Therefore, it has partnered with iCog Labs and SingularityNET to leverage advanced technologies like AI and Blockchain.

IOHK Cardona has always believed that working along with the government by implementing Blockchain technology will help in digitizing public services. Therefore, in 2019, the company undertook an all-female software development training program that majorly focused on Blockchain solutions.


IOHK is the Blockchain visionary and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson and runs on a mission to democratize financial services.

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