IOSG Ventures Teams Up With Avalanche Blockchain Network

Working as a leading stage fund focused on decentralized assets, protocol solutions, and firms, IOSG Ventures has announced its strategic collaboration with a newly-launched blockchain company, Avalanche. The integration between the two firms has been framed to set out new use cases and applications of blockchain in China aimed towards mass adoption of the pedagogy in multiple sectors. The IOSG team took to its official Twitter handle to broadcast the news via a post which read:

Launched in 2017, IOSG Ventures has been keenly investing in potential blockchain-powered projects and solutions. The team understands that the technological advancement of Bitcoin can be leveraged largely by innovations and developments of the core infrastructure layer and other layers. By supporting blockchain infrastructure projects, IOSG Ventures aspires to bring blockchain at mainstream making it become the business of the real-life world. Improved scalability, interoperability, and financial inclusion are the pillars on which the vision of the company is based.

IOSG has been working closely with some of its portfolio projects to find solutions to the present challenges faced by the community. China’s DECP and Facebook’s Libra project are some of the best examples which showcase the diverse potential of blockchain infrastructures in revolutionizing the industry.

On the other hand, Avalanche is a notable blockchain platform that has been designed to trigger the mass adoption objective in the real world by not just providing a forced solution. The architecture used in the network allows the users to choose between a public or a private blockchain system for deployment purposes. The users enjoy seamless connection or integration with partner networks or the Avalanche network almost instantly and in a flexible way. Even though connected to the Avalanche public network, the entities can apply a circuit breaker as per their requirement. These autonomous networks are referred to as subnets in Avalanche blockchain. These subnets can enjoy interconnection with each other or restrain it depending upon their choice.

Avalanche aspires to expand the DeFi sector across multiple domains. It aspires to change the current system where DeFi is limited to cryptocurrencies, virtual assets, or synthetic assets by making it prevalent for the programmable capital field. By making this achievable, blockchain will become the standard infrastructure layer for the DeFi market. The blockchain facilitates speedy settlement for transactions in a reliable, secured, and scalable system. The system manages the churns behavior in which some nodes go unresponsive for some time as the blockchain keeps running as soon as there are required number of nodes.

IOSG Ventures is keen to work closely with AVA Labs to promote business operations in China. This will help in supporting the blockchain sector and surging its developer community comprising of entities, venture builders, and blockchain infrastructure projects to change the operational structure.

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