IOST and Troy Join Hand to Improvise the Troy Network

The growth and development of the crypto industry have brought together many diversified partners together. This time it is the partnership between brokerage firm Troy and IOST, the decentralized blockchain network. IOST permits fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions with innovation in distributed networking and sharing. The blockchain network firm has also become the fourth member of the “Global Ecological Community Program” introduced by Troy. 


The program introduced by Troy is meant to remove the barrier faced while trading crypto assets and also to build a frictionless trading ecosystem for the crypto assets. In the arena of cryptocurrency trading, crypto trading firms have always played a prominent role. However, single investors have always faced the problem with their diversified needs with these trading platforms. A brokerage like Troy comes into play here to solve their problems and can also be proved beneficial for institutional investors.


IOST and TROY will work together for the research and development of a 2-layer scaling solution. The partnership will also be proved beneficial for TROY as they can use off-chain scaling technology of IOST. The partnership can be equally good for IOST as they can use the settlement network and trading marketplace.


Troy is providing the best brokerage in the cryptocurrency marketplace today. They have the target to re-explore trading by leveraging liquidity shared from decentralized as well as centralized exchanges. They have straight market admission through well-known cryptocurrency exchanges that include Coinbase, Binance, and Bitfinex. They also provide their users with dynamic data tools much needed for the emerging market.


Troy is working continuously to improve the trading experience for its users and also to improve the privacy protection that they have recently deployed.



IOST is an incredibly fast blockchain network that works on “Proof of Believability.” The mission of the firm is to be the basic architecture for online services. They are listed on some of the top-class exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry.

Scott Cook

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