IOST Blockchain Continues Its Dream Run, Partners With FishChain To Develop a Gaming Crypto Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have managed to penetrate the global markets like no other technology could ever do, except maybe the Internet itself. Satoshi Nakamoto created a ground of excellence on which several players have emerged, many fading away, some going on to become iconic.

In a total of over 1,600 decentralized platforms, very few have managed to garner a separate space for themselves. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, TRON, etc. are some of the established names in the blockchain space today. However, a name which is giving all of them a run for their money is IOST, a platform which launched its mainnet just a couple of months ago.

IOST is a blockchain platform focused on improving scalability and bringing the innovative tech to the masses. Earlier this year, the platform toppled Ethereum’s dominance in daily transaction volume. Ethereum has over 400,000 developers in its community and over 2000 DApps on its platform. In comparison, IOST has only 11 DApps on its platform. Carrying the purple patch forward, IOST announced on Thursday that it is collaborating with FishChain, a hybrid blockchain gaming, and crypto trading platform, to launch IOST Fish this month.

The announcement came via a tweet which stated that IOST Fish should be a comprehensive blockchain based game and Crypto exchange platform. Explaining the collaboration in detail, IOST shared a blog post on Twitter, posted on

The FishChain platform is the first of its kind, where users can play exciting blockchain games, and trade crypto at the same time.

The blog also stated,

IOSTFish extends traditional pet-raising and collection onto a blockchain, with a variety of things players can do, including raising fish, fishing, cross-breeding, trading, breeding, fighting, mining, and dividends. With the combination of token economy model and game, it rebuilt the gaming economy model for players by creating ownership of interactive gaming assets.

In a short period of time, IOST has gained the reputation of a platform with an innovative approach, which is backed by a solid team. In fact, it is the only blockchain project which launched its mainnet six months before its scheduled time. Within a couple of months, the platform has managed to register over 200,000 accounts, with over 15,000 wallets registering per day.

Innovative blockchain solutions are not in commercial use but also in entertainment and leisure, is what the market requires. Increasing competition has forced established players to redesign growth strategies to stay relevant in the competition. More than anything else, the emergence of platforms like IOST has forced giants like Ethereum to push the envelope further and optimize the potential even further.

One of the reasons for the rapid growth and success of IOST has been its strong team, and expectedly, the same will be the case with IOST Fish. In the blog post, IOS Foundation listed the team members in detail, which, at least on paper, looks a darn good side.

Roxanne Williams

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