IOST Enters Into Partnership With TROY Network

Having established as one of the best Public Chains for DApp developers, IOST has broadcasted the news about its strategic collaboration with globally reputed crypto-asset brokerage platform TROY. The two leading blockchain-pegged entities will put in their expertise in an array of fields including development and mass adoption, technology research and study, and decentralized finance.

Partnership In Technology

IOST will employ its innovative technology excellence comprising of high TPS and scalability clubbed with its unprecedented capabilities in channelizing Layer 1 and Layer 2 infrastructure construction to aid TROY in managing the development of Layer2 off-chain scalable solution. IOST has always been an ardent supporter of genuineness and innovation, along with an infusion of the latest technology development in the field. The firm has achieved significant appreciation from the industry in its operations aimed towards the proliferation of decentralization and scalability.

TROY Networks caters to the requirements of institutional and professional traders through its world-class crypto brokerage services like spot & margin trading, derivatives, data, custody, lending, and staking in one account.

IOST and TROY have always strived to bring about a revolutionary change in the blockchain industry as well as have indulged in critical conversations to encourage blockchain mass adoption.

Team Up Aimed Towards Mass Adoption

IOST will be benefitted by TROY’s ecological resource advantages that will help the network in facilitating lucrative application modules. Both TROY and IOST will bring together their research resources to exploit advanced applications of DeFi in the staking industry. They will also pay due consideration to potential applications in the trading marketspace and financial settlement arena. The two entities will put in their best efforts to streamline the operations for a user-friendly experience.

The medium and long-term direction of the marketspace will lead to the nurturing and strengthening of digital assets trading and circulating system. IOST is hopeful that to earn good advantages by partnering with TROY.

TROY and IOST will aid each other in the critical processes of community building and marketing through the utilization of each other’s expert resources. They will work to facilitate blockchain projects in making commercialized development along with the attainment of win-win cooperation goal between the two parties.

Scott Cook

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