IOTA Collaborates with Zebra Technologies

IOTA Foundation has collaborated with Zebra Technologies to accelerate the deployment and availability of an open, secure, and interoperable framework for testament creation and check. The Foundation has been working with a few model rights from the mid-2020s when the COVID-19 cases began flooding to show up at an answer that empowers residents to outfit they have tried negative in a consistent and confided manner. The Digital Green certificate aims to facilitate the safe and seamless movement of people within the EU during COVID-19 times. The Digital green certificate will produce information on testing and vaccination and allow travelers to avoid quarantine and move freely with the EU.

The Digital Green Certificates are securely operated through the IOTA ledger concerning the user’s privacy by providing access only on verification, and the identifier is fake. The certificates are of  W3C verifiable credentials standard and adhere to the recommendation of the Linux Foundation Public Health Working Group. The system is open, and the required processor can edit and verify details. If you are a Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs), the ledger is free.

Both issuer and holder have SSIs that will be validated through a prior process by a government agency. KYC details are received during the test and vaccination, and the certificate is secured locally with safety measures. It tends to be downloaded on the user’s mobile and can even be printed and conveyed as an actual card. The declarations on the phone can likewise be encoded with the individual’s very own key/secret phrase for security. The cycle is communicated for better combination and preparation across the EU States, and through European Federation Gateway, following data can be shared across borders pseudonymously.

They say through the activity of enrolling to the gateway, they can smooth the authorization cycle for the guarantor’s personalities in all the EU part states before they are enrolled in the record. Mix to Public Key Infrastructure will offer a solid procedure with regards to adaptability issues when the Gateway model is received. As the key check is accessible, it permits interoperability even across nations.

They expect to build a completely decentralized infrastructure with simple integration that will minimize prices and facilitate impeccable security with the help of European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI). The IOTA Foundation is looking to collaborate with the high-end security research and Object Management Group that are standardizing bodies to create a decentralized framework. This will reduce risks of traditional centralization, uncontrolled disclosure of data, linking, and tracing.

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