IOTA Launches Its New Documentation Portal

All crypto lovers must be knowing that IOTA is coming up with the new user experience for its documentation portal. The IOTA is launching the first version of the portal soon. The blog posted by the IOTA Foundation on its website says that there are many things that the company wants to develop into the portal in the near future. The aim of the portal is to bring more user-friendly and smooth experience to its portal.

The company is making sure that the users get used to the look and feel of the website when using their wallet or visiting the main website. The company has also come up with a new stylesheet with reusable elements making it smoother to develop new experiences in the IOTA ecosystem. It wants users to have a better UI on both mobile and desktop.

Be it when you are developing things in the office structure, or you are on the move, the website would be usable. The program would adjust individual elements to create a better reading experience.

When one is searching for the required information:
One of the crucial features of a documentation portal is when one gets to make a convenient information discovery. Considering this factor and its importance, the company has deployed a search which works error-free on desktop and mobile too.

Reading content like a book from basic to advanced:
The company conducted a community developer interviews in which it came across a few of the inputs which were crucial. One of those inputs were, people enjoy book-like reading patterns in the documentation. And hence the company included this input in the portal. Now a reader can navigate from one page to another in a flow.

In the blog, the company requested feedback from its users. Users can also contribute to the documentation. The company said that it would keep working on and keep improving it. This would be an ever -going process. In the future, the company would be developing the search experience even more and would speed up the process too. It ould work on the labeling of the content, and more.

The documentation portal is accessible from mobile devices and desktop. The reading experience gets optimized depending upon the device. IOTA is looking for more content o put on their portal. IOTA wants to expand the documentation portal in terms of information, and performance.

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