IOTA Price Analysis: IOTA (MIOTA) Price Seems To Go Beyond The Blues Of 2019

30th May 2019, IOTA (MIOTA) can be seen as one of the performing cryptocurrencies. One can analyze the increase in 11% of the value within 24 hours. Traders following the latest updates by IOTA are aware that this escalation is realized with the launch of Coordinate website. This is known to be the first decentralized approach to scaling DLT. Well, IOTA delivered what they really committed.

The site has definitely helped the traders and developers with buying attention towards the building blocks and featuring tangles of post-coordination. This news pretty much explains the fluctuations in the chart today.

Let’s discuss the same briefly.

IOTA Price Analysis on 30th May 2019

IOTA price chart - may 30

At 10:07 UTC time, the value of MIOTA is traded at $0.5421 on 20th May 2019. The value has tremendously escalated within 24 hours, reaching the highest high of the year 2019. The Return on Investment, however, is still inked with -15.63% which will bring some change in the returns soon enough. The market ranking of IOTA is seen at number 15 with a market cap value at 1,497,287,590 USD and 24-hour volume at 128,085,756 USD, respectively.

IOTA Coin Comparison:

IOTA price chart - may 30

Comparing the trend of this month, the highest high before today was realized on 15th May, when the value was trading at $0.4443. But with the launch of the website, the value today reached the highest high with an increase of 22% in the value. The traders today are sticking to investing their capital in IOTA.

The short-term investment might bring some really good profits in your investment. However, for long term returns, traders might have to wait patiently with eyes wide open on the latest updates and news from official IOTA site.

MIOTA price chart - may 30

Speaking of the lowest low till now in 2019, it was realized on 6th Feb where the value was trading at $0.2447 (increased by 122% from then). Traders invested at that time might be smiling with pretty faces today. The highest high will surely be helping them with great profits already.

IOTA Price Prediction and Conclusions:

IOTA is playing a bullish trend, which means the volatility can help traders with good profits. As per the rumors, one highest touchdown, and this year-end can bring IOTA price at $1. But making assumptions is for seeing some changes in the chart, but invest your capital wisely.

One can consider the resistance level at $0.60, which is close to the highest high of this year and followed by the support level at $0.414, as per recent IOTA Forecast. Based on the last 30 days trending moves, the bullish nature seems to continue the next month as well.


The long term investment is a little concern in MIOTA because the trend is generally dropping down. You will need patience with long term investment if you bid today. Considering short-term investment, on the other hand, can really bring you some fruits. Today, IOTA hatched the eyes of the most traders, but it will continue with a great news update on regular intervals. Who knows, IOTA might be the primary coin today and might be tomorrow!

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