IOTA Price Continues to Fall and Hovers Around $0.23

IOTA price has been quite impressive from the last couple of days. It has shown a lot of improvement in the price and even in terms of Market Cap. The future of the coin seems brighter than ever. Today, the coin is dealing with the downward movement. There are many coins in the market which open with losses. IOTA was also one of them. However, it has booked a recovery, but yet again dropped.

IOTA Price Analysis and Predictions

Yesterday, the coin opened at $0.24. The coin shifted from $0.240 to $0.241 by 0.37%. Later, the coin fell from $0.241 to $0.23 by 1.26%. In the second half of the day, the coin jumped from $0.23 to $0.24 by 2.22%. The coin managed to close the day at $24 with an intraday regression of 0.17%. Today, the coin opened with a drop of 1.30%. The price counters switched from $0.24 to $0.23. Further, the coin recovered. The price jumped from $0.236 to $0.239 by 1.26%.

IOTA price
IOTA Chart By TradingView

IOTA is anticipated to come out of the downfall soon. The coin has never failed the expectation of the investors and is likely to continue the tradition. The intraday movement might be disappointing for the coin, but the future is not. As per our IOTA Price Prediction, the coin would be good for the traders having a long-term prospect in mind. Following are the most probable resistance and support levels for IOTA:

R1: $0.242247, R2: $ 0.245594 and R3: $0.247821

S1: $0.236673, S2: $0.234446 and S3: $0.231099

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