IOVLabs Purchases Spanish Facebook’s Rival Taringa

Taringa is one of the leading social media platforms placed in the third position in Latin America and second in Argentina network. It was introduced in 2004. Currently, there are 17.5 million registered users and 70 million monthly visitors. It is present in every Spanish speaking country such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain, and the United States. 


Startup IOVLabs developed smart contracts network RSK. RSK network announced the purchase of American-based social media platform, Taringa. 


The main aim of IOVLabs is to improve its platform quality as well as promoting services to raise the customer base. According to the company, this is the way to grow a million users.

CEO of IOVLabs, Diego Gutierrez, said that this purchase would help in the mass adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Taringa is the first step by the company to adopt the RSK and RIF platforms.


In July, Taringa announced that it is in partnership with MakerDAO, Ethereum based decentralized organization to develop a crypto community. Taringa will be designed to establish the decentralized platform and it will reward participants with the RIF crypto tokens of RSK Bitcoin platform.  


CEO of Taringa, Matias Botbol, said that they are happy to connect with RIF and RSK. They believe that their contributions to the social network will help the users of the community. 


Now, RSK technology will be used as a tool to develop peer-to-peer exchanges as well as Dapp marketplace in the platform of Taringa. 


IOVLabs know the significance of the Spanish market in the crypto industry. There are many offices of IOVLabs in Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo.

Trevor Holman

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