IPFS is now available on Bluesky

Bluesky has recently announced that IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System, is accessible on its platform. The integration will have a more resilient and decentralized social media ecosystem. IPFS is a distributed and decentralized protocol that changes how we store, save, and change information on the internet. This exciting development may revolutionize the way we interact online. 


Bluesky, as an entity, is a fresh decentralized social network. It has come from  Twitter. The entity happens to be boosted by AT Protocol, which is in development. The aim and intention of Bluesky are to be able to very effectively emulate the functioning of Twitter and play the role of a social media client, making provisions for extremely beneficial and advantageous factors related to interoperation, as well as account portability, along with algorithmic options.

As per the aspirations and beliefs of the team of IPFS, the social media scenario has witnessed constant and overall change and will continue to do so all the more in the near future. Therefore, in order to remain in synchronization with the ever-changing situation, they made up their minds to make themselves available in more than a single positioning. In their firm opinion, this kind of attitude will indeed prove to be extremely advantageous for them, in terms of the overall IPFS community, as well as its ecosystem and brand.


The reason for them honing in on Blesky is the fact that there is a tremendous amount of similarity where matters of vision, as well as integrity, are concerned. Another factor of significance is that the AT Protocol makes use of IPLD, as well as content addressing. Jay Graber, who is the CEO of Bluesky, also spoke at the IPFS Camp 2022, where she mentioned self-certifying protocols with reference to IPFS.     

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