IQ Option’s Quadcode is now licensed for trading in the Bahamas

Quadcode by IQ Options has acquired a trading license in the Bahamas, expanding its regional horizons in addition to Australia and Europe. Founded in 2021, the brokerage firm can now expand its services to a new region. 

A representative from the company has said that they are thrilled to have acquired the license in the Bahamas, adding that it represents a significant step that allows them to offer a better trading experience to customers.

Every essential functionality of Quadcode will be available. This includes, among other things, quick trade execution, stable connections, and multi-graph capabilities. Expansion in the Bahamas corresponds with Quadcode’s objective to make its presence known, serving clients all around the world regardless of their physical location.

Key Features of Quadcode Markets

Following the purchase of a trading license, a wide range of items and services gain admission into a new region. It also covers all of the major features a platform provides, in this case, Quadcode. The overall goal is to provide a superior trading experience to all clients, regardless of their experience level. What is convenient for an experienced trader is equally convenient for a new trader.

  • MultiGraph Capability

MultiGraph capability pertains to making multiple graphical presentations accessible to clients. A single graph may not suffice for understanding a trade. Hence, multiple presentations have emerged as the need of the hour.

A trader can view a total of nine or fewer graphs at the same time. This improves their ability to make accurate decisions for increased revenues. Furthermore, the data set is made available in real-time to ensure that choices are not postponed due to missed opportunities.

  • Stable Connection

The idea behind offering stable connections is to support fast execution by clients. A single disruption or delayed execution could hit the net at a time when the time has lapsed and the opponent has won the game. It marks the commitment to back the swift execution of transactions to allow traders to focus on their strategies.

Simply put, they do not have to worry about what happens in the backend or whether their strategies will be executed or not.

  • Comprehensive Features

There is not a single point when the market does not behave. A stagnant movement is nothing but a myth. It is only a platform that can help clients leverage its best tools to their best potential to have a portfolio with a brighter bottom line.

Comprehensive features by Quadcode send real-time alerts to clients and keep them updated about the latest events. This includes market development and other latest information related to their trades.

  • Cutting-Edge Graph Tool

Quadcode hosts over a hundred technical indicators. Traders are empowered to make informed decisions, resulting in an enhanced charting experience. Other tools on this line are automatic technical analysis and graph patterns, to mention a few.

While experienced traders would have an immense understanding of every aspect, giving them a fair advantage over others, beginners may start with small funds to understand every corner of Quadcode and then explore the remaining sections.

Trading in the Bahamas is only starting to gain traction. The service is poised to rise in the times to come. As more residents begin to understand the market and functions of Quadcode, they will board the platform to better their personal portfolios.

Quadcode’s licensing process

Obtaining a trading license in the Bahamas, or any other region for that matter, gives platforms like Quadcode a chance to expand their operations legally. They gain access to a larger customer base, who in turn gain access to more options for their trading preferences. The advantages that Quadcode brings to the Bahamas through a license are:

  • Regulated operations to keep a customer’s funds safe.
  • Legal identity to distinguish Quadcode from platforms that are otherwise operating illegally.
  • More options for traders to explore.

IQ Option’s Quadcode had to go through a rigorous process to secure the trading license in the Bahamas. The platform needed to demonstrate that it has stringent security measures in place along with intentions to meet strict compliance standards.


A positive impact of obtaining a license in the Bahamas is that clients will trust the services and products of Quadcode. It will help the platform expand its footprint in the said region, further adding to its reputation, which can be utilized as a key point when moving to a new region.

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