IQ Protocol forges collaboration with TCG World

IQ Protocol, which is a name to reckon with in the Web3 sharing economy, has taken the step and successfully forged an exclusive collaboration with TCG World, which is a metaverse providing unique and interactive gaming exposure. Both of the entities will bring their collective expertise to the table and restructure the methods of interactions that are. There will be a combination of entertainment, along with absolute new-age NFT-based technology, for the building of the ultimate economic ecosystem. 

TCG World is a leader in metaverse innovation and has integrated an entire retinue of environments, as well as exposure where their platform is concerned. This entails modern cities along with winter background, tropical islands, as well as old-time ruins and volcanic mountains. The entity makes certain the exposure for the user will be simply eclectic. 

With the effective usage of IQ Protocol’s creative NFT rental marketplace, the entity will be in the position of being able to provide the opportunity for players to carry out borrowing, renting, as well as trade in-game assets without any risks. This will bring about uninterrupted and safe transactions, which in turn will offer the players the option of having a social and economic platform par excellence. 

Where the risk factor is concerned, it will be adequately addressed with the help of IQ Protocol, where lenders will rest assured that their individual assets are secure via a landmark method of looking at NFT rentals. IQ Protocol will be involved in the minting of an expirable type of NFT. This will help in securing the actual NFT till such time the rental contract comes to an end.   


TCG World is basically a metaverse platform that is actively involved in the offering of individualistic gaming exposure. The entity is determined to create a virtual world that changes the way the present gaming arena is viewed. On the other hand, IQ Protocol is involved in the Web3 sharing economy. It helps users to be able to take complete advantage of rare digital assets at a cost that is much lower than the buying price. The goal of the entity is to collaborate with prospective Web3 projects who are seeking exposure where the world audience is concerned. 

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