Ironbelly: First Multi-Platform Mobile Wallet for Grin!

USD 15,000 has been granted to three open fellowship projects by Binance Labs, the venture capital of cryptocurrency exchange Binance for Ironbelly, HOPR and Kitsune wallets. These three projects will connect with Binance fellowship, a program launched to support researchers and talent developers to create free and open source blockchain software.

In a recent Tweet, Binance labs said,

Grin is a cryptocurrency project mainly focused on scalability, fungibility, and privacy which is built by executing a MimbleWimble blockchain having to do with various developments. Mimblewimble, an impressive stripped down blockchain protocol initiated by Tom Elvis Jedusor in 2016 July, has gained momentum among Bitcoin and numerous privacy supporters. MimbleWimble works on the concept of a privacy coin which uses the confidential transactions created by Greg Maxwell.

The advantage of Grin is that it empowers anyone who wishes to transact or save money without external control or compulsion. Grin has been designed for the future and not only for the present.

Ivan Sorokin, Grin contributor, has developed the project Ironbelly. Ironbelly is the first multi-platform mobile wallet for Grin. It mainly focuses on conquering few UX challenges of doing the transaction in Grin. Ivan (denoted by i1skn)is a very skilled developer in Grin codebase,(as he has contributed it) with the mindset of giving quick quality software for community feedback.

In a blog Written by Flora Sun, Director at Binance Labs, says that

Today, Binance Labs is excited to announce our first grantee for the Binance Labs Fellowship.

Our first Fellow is Ironbelly, a mobile Grin wallet that is open-source, free to use, and focused on making it easy and delightful to use Grin on your phone.

For more information, You can read her blog.

Binance is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges that has come out with several programs in recent months to support blockchain projects for startups. Apart from the Binance labs’ fellowship program, they also organize a ten-week on-site program called the incubation program, which is designed to provide mentorship and guidance to top blockchain developers throughout the world. Moreover, Binance labs make direct investments in startups.

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