Is ‘Calling it Quits’ a New Trend Among Lead Developers? This Time it is Amaury Séchet of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Amaury Séchet has been serving as the lead developer for Bitcoin Cash BCH. He has recently been seen calling it quits for the job. He does not plan to participate in the Bitcoin Unlimited anymore. On the other hand, he will still continue to serve as the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, the current BCH. He wants to remove himself from Bitcoin Unlimited. Bitcoin Unlimited render as quite important for BCH given it set the first brick in enhancing the block size of BTC.

According to many developers, Bitcoin Unlimited is an alternative to Bitcoin Cash, but Amaury Séchet begs to differ. On Medium, he explained his reasons for leaving Bitcoin Unlimited. He pointed out that the BU membership is made of several BSV supporters. These supporters, according to Séchet are “hostile” to Bitcoin Cash, and feel that it is good to sue developers “providing open source software for free.” The developer called it a “sad joke” based on the fact that more absurd proposals are getting voted. He also pointed out that the leaders from BU are “complacent.” He further warned that such an attitude will “cost them developer support.” He called this atmosphere as “toxic behavior.”

The developer further argued in the blog that there are too many lingering bugs and the technology is rather taking a downturn instead of improving. He feels that the project has no future. The developer is annoyed that they are in support of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision since the token germinated from the hard fork that Bitcoin Cash had.

When we compare Bitcoin Unlimited with Bitcoin ABC, the former may be the pioneer, but in reality, the latter was the force behind the increasing the block size two years ago. The involvement of Craig Wright and the civil war of BCH are the reasons that drove the developer away from Bitcoin Unlimited project. In 2018, when they set their ways apart, Bitcoin Unlimited launched software to support both the coins. Despite this, the support inclination was slightly more bent towards BSV, which of course made Bitcoin ABC upset.

The annoyance has not only affected Amaury Séchet, but it has also affected Antony Zegers. Zegers is also an important member of the Bitcoin Unlimited project who has also taken the same boat as Séchet. Rather Zegers was the one who inspired Séchet to quit.

Séchet explains that since the aim of Bitcoin Cash offers more freedom to its user community and therefore creating a more efficient form of money, it calls for voluntary cooperation in order to make BCH a grand success. He rather wants to opt his focus and energy of such vision rather than wasting his time with Bitcoin Unlimited.

It looks like the bitter taste from the BCH hard fork form 2018 is still lingering on and has compelled the talents to walk out. In his blog, Séchet explained his troubles by saying,

“When it all happens over an extended duration, the pattern is not immediately apparent, but after taking a break and looking back, the accumulation is simply too damning to ignore.”

Towards the end of the blog, the developer pointed out that he should have taken this step a long time ago. He further thanked Antony for his courage to stand for the right, and he also expressed his gratitude towards the support from the Bitcoin Cash support community for working hard for the building services and making the mass adoption possible.

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