Is IOTA Education on its Way to Shape the Upcoming IoT Machine-to-Machine Ecosystems?

Yesterday, IOTA made an official announcement on its Twitter handle about its first ever ‘international IOTA (a Berlin and Shanghai-based deep tech academy) academy program.’ This program is in ‘close cooperation with the IOT1 Academy’, as per the tweet. The company also made a special offer for those who are going to sign up at the earliest and for the qualifying participants.

The course’s structure is based on an online and onsite training setup. It is further coupled with curated content, with clear attention provided to the individual participants. The course is directed and supported by some of the most experienced partners in ‘corporate training field.’

The company detailed the course structure and other related details on its official blog. The courses have been mainly created for coders and developers who can choose from online training, and blended training courses.

As the first step, the initial stage of the program will focus on non-coders who can be from any walk of life, for instance- enthusiasts, students, corporate, creative people, etc. The program will enlighten about the introduction of IOTA, the technology, and the potential.

Those who are interested in participating in the program can buy the course through the link provided in the blog. The course sits well with all kinds of devices such as desktop, laptop, smart-phones, tablets and so on. Use-cases and code examples are provided to illustrate the knowledge about the program.

What about Developers?

Well for the developers, the course commences today, i.e., 26th April. The name of the course is “IOTA Onboarding Course for Developers.” It’s a good platform to learn about developing one’s own app on the IoT Tangle which is an open source.  The Distributed Ledger Technology has a high scale capacity and does not charge any fee.

In the blog, a special section is dedicated to the details about the content of the course. It walks you through points such as fundamental knowledge of “IOTA technology, IOTA ecosystem and applications, programming libraries and resources,” basics and functions of “Tangle and MAM library.”

What are the types of courses?

As per the official blog, there are three types of course on offer; they are- “Pure digital, Blended training, and Blended seminar.”

On this the CEO of IoT1 Academy, Arne Flick said

“We are honored and very happy to have been chosen by the IOTA Foundation to operate and maintain the first courses for IOTA to help people to acquire IOTA knowledge fast and sustainable. IOTA and its strategic positioning as the backbone of IoT is the most important 3rd generation distributed ledger for IIoT. For this reason, the IOT1 Academy started to develop as one of the first academies worldwide to own IOTA learning formats to help people better understand IOTA, its technology, the strategy and the ecosystem behind it, as well as enabling coders and non-coders to acquire technical and practical IOTA skills.”

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