Is SVN The Only True Token Based On TRON?

There are tens of thousands of tokens in the world nowadays. The genesis of most of them not backed by concrete development ideas, and only a few have a truly working economic model underlying and deserve attention. Of course, the number of tokens based on the TRON network represents only a small fraction of the volume of all coins. However, upon a detailed examination of tokens, it becomes clear that SVN is the only gambling token released following all the rules.

In the case when 100% of tokens initially belong to developers, the likelihood of full manipulation of the price and token demand is quite high.

All SVN tokens can be issued only as a reward for betting in games of 7tron platform and allow their holders to receive dividends. Platform profit intended to even and fair distribution among all SVN holders. 7tron will receive 30% of the total number of tokens issued to cover the development and management costs of the platform. Thus, 7tron has implemented the most honest and fair approach in developing its economic model that provides equal conditions to all its participants.


If you still have doubts about the reliability of the above, the 7tron platform’s smart contract is open for verification on Tronscan, which is further evidence of their transparency.

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