Is the Previous Bull Market Different from the Current one?

The digital currency market stayed bearish for all of 2018, yet with the way Bitcoin is moving upwards and setting a new record in 2019, it is safe to state that the crypto-winter is behind us presently. In the previous years, we have seen a repetitive example rising in the digital currency space. With each cycle, aggressively, the digital currency reached greater heights.

Current Scenario of Cryptocurrency

  • Last July, Bitcoin has outperformed the USD 13,000 point. The last time we saw Bitcoin arrive at this cost was in December 2017; subsequently, the cryptocurrency proceeded to reach its all-time high of almost USD 20,000. By this time, analysts have predicted bolder price forecasts, extending from USD 21,000 up to USD 100,000.
  • Over the past year, institutional involvement in the digital currency space has been extraordinary. Besides, it is simple to argue that the 2017 bull-run was, to a great extent, powered by retail investors. Currently, institutional investment in cryptocurrencies has gained momentum.
  • As of now, Bitcoin basics are becoming stronger all the more; mainstream adoption is on the high-rise, institutional interest is going up, reinforcing the argument why the market did not depend absolutely on promotion this time.

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When Bulls are Active

When the Crypto wallets turned out to be greatly formed of HODLers, the exchanges played the primary role in price, by shaping the business sectors. Firmly identified with broad publicity, the bulls and bears respond in the well-known “pump or dump” battle on several exchanges with specific coins ready to take off, while others crash. Most likely, bulls lean toward dynamic, dependable, and safe spots to trade immediately. Besides, such places exist, like safe exchanges with a good reputation, which are regularly audited.

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Need for High Tech Modern Crypto Exchanges

Given below are the few requisites of Modern crypto exchange:

  • High-tech platforms which run faster on the trading platform
  • Outstanding security standards where traders can trade in peace
  • Advanced Interfaces
  • Customer-friendly with 24/7 support in several languages


Coinsbit is one of the High-Tech modern crypto exchanges, which come with the following benefits:

  • This exchange comes stuffed with all the advanced features and several more, with a solid native token and an Initial exchange offering (IEO) launchpad.
  • While the bears are uncontrolled in the current market, on Coinsbit, there is an expansion of 21 percent registered active clients in a period of 2 months.
  • Furthermore, only exclusive technical projects are undertaken on the platform with a 100 percent success rate until now.
  • Moreover, the exchange is offering 5000 local tokens (current worth 500 USD) for each newcomer until the tenth of October.

Here’s an exchange which provides all of the benefits,  –

Wrap Up

The cryptocurrency money market is certainly more developed than it was during the last Bull Run, and there is more money in the market than there was the last time. Fear of losing out a major opportunity will be a huge catalyst in driving up costs, yet; we cannot disregard different developments that have added authenticity and increased the ways by which digital currencies could be utilized, setting the stage for its mainstream adoption.

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