Is there no stopping Chancer? Let’s see what the future holds!

One of the most exciting new crypto releases at the moment is Chancer — a brand new online betting platform that looks set to push the blockchain revolution into the global gambling industry firmly.

It’s offering a powerful combination of features that make it stand out in both Web3 and beyond, so the ongoing Chancer presale looks likely to be a very lucrative opportunity for investors. For now, the Chancer presale is in stage 1, so what can investors expect from the token in the future?

Does the Chancer presale offer significant growth from stage 1?

Chancer is rapidly building a name for itself thanks to a remarkable start to the presale and an exciting $100,000 prize giveaway currently on offer. This giveaway will award a portion of the entire prize pool to ten lucky community members and is generating a massive buzz among early backers of the project as well as on social media.

Chancer is one of the first platforms in the world to provide a fully peer-to-peer (P2P) betting market. The platform uses blockchain technology to fully circumvent centralized bookies and provide gamblers with intriguing new chances during major worldwide events.

A bullish run from the newly launched online betting platform, which is widely considered one of the most promising releases of the year, could be sparked due to its early presale success.

The CHANCER token is available at stage 1 of the presale for the price of $0.01. The event, which has already raised $782k so far, will last for 12 stages, providing early investors with the opportunity to participate in the market at reduced costs before the ICO.

What is Chancer?

Chancer provides users with various features that set it apart from other options available in the online betting industry. While every other platform requires bettors to make wagers based on its recommendations, Chancer hands full control to its users, who can place bets against each other in the P2P marketplace.

Bettors have the power to build their own personalized odds, and bet slips on the Chancer platform, which is an important feature in the P2P predictions market. This opens up incredible possibilities, with users able to place bets on practically any event imaginable — a feature that truly makes Chancer stand out from the competition.

To top it off, Chancer is kept fully secure using blockchain technology. The platform will launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing users of Web3’s most used layer-1 blockchain to set custom bets against friends, family, and other users worldwide.

How does CHANCER work?

The native CHANCER token is required in order to place bets on the platform. Users will lock CHANCER tokens in escrow, which are released automatically once the bet has been settled.

Transactions are recorded using smart contracts, ensuring that all user interactions are securely and immutably documented. This innovative approach enables Chancer to operate independently of centralized entities, leveraging technology as a trustworthy intermediary instead of relying on third parties. Consequently, Chancer is widely regarded as a more equitable alternative to traditional Web2 platforms, where bookmakers often have a vested interest in the loss of bets by gamblers.

Chancer has implemented safeguards to ensure no user will ever be given unrealistic odds to keep users safe in the P2P predictions market. Every wager on Chancer is designed to provide a genuine opportunity for participants to emerge as winners. This is made possible by a neutral moderator who carefully oversees all custom bet slips.

Google’s WebRTC will also be integrated within the Chancer platform. This makes it possible for users from all over the world to communicate with one another during sports matches and other bettable events. This helps to reduce latency in the P2P market and ensures that betting can be implemented immediately.

Will CHANCER reach $0.50 in 2025?

The online betting industry is expected to reach $150 billion in global value by the year 2030. Chancer’s one-of-a-kind decentralized predictions market has the potential to grab a major portion of the market since it offers novel ways to place bets against friends and relatives.

Chancer provides something unique in the Web3 or online betting industries; thus, analysts are optimistic that the CHANCER crypto coin has a bright future and is being suggested worldwide as one of the best cryptos to buy in 2023.

Price analysts anticipate CHANCER will blow past $0.50 during the next crypto bull market. For now, the token is available for $0.01 for a limited time during the Chancer presale. It will gradually rise to $0.021, so it could be a case of ‘the earlier, the better’ for Chancer’s crypto presale launch.

Is Chancer a good investment?

As stated, online betting is showing year-on-year growth. This, combined with the rapid evolution of blockchain technology, means that Chancer represents a strong investment option over the coming years.

Thanks to Chancer, bettors get more of a say in the outcome of their wagers, which could drive users to the platform consistently. The Chancer presale looks set to be a golden investment opportunity so it could be the perfect addition to a crypto investment portfolio ahead of the next bull market.

You can take part in the CHANCER presale here.

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