It was your destiny to find this ICO to swap your Ethereum and BNB to AVRK

Artificial intelligence is amongst the most outstanding technological reforms launched recently. The technology has proven to have diverse utilities from one field to the other. Artificial intelligence possesses a lot of beneficial features, such as AI bots. The automation process used to establish AI-powered tools works by using large chunks of data to make the tools self-learning and self-sufficient. AI can enhance efficiency, safety, and security in blockchain technology. Avorak AI is the current ICO project that aims at addressing these issues.

Ethereum and BNB swapping

Digital currency swapping is one of the most critical aspects beneficial to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Many times, the participants in the field would like to swap their tokens for another. For instance, swapping Ethereum for BNB or BNB for USDT is a major conversion that many traders execute. This mechanism has allowed individuals to conduct transactions efficiently in the blockchain community. Moreover, if an individual would like to convert fiat into BNB, it can be done through direct purchases, a process known as a Peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction.

Avorak will help in ETH and BNB swapping

On several occasions, AI has been accused of causing deficiencies in various fields, such as machinery. However, there lies a vital role of technology in decentralized finance. Integrating the two areas (blockchain and AI) would build a powerhouse that will prepare cryptocurrency lovers to offload their capital to significant investments that have the potential to skyrocket. In this case, Avorak AI, a blockchain-based AI protocol, will make it easier for traders to navigate the DeFi universe, content writing, and image creation.

The project has a competent set of pioneers well-equipped with background information related to AI and blockchain. A strong marketing system will lead to the ecosystem’s growth in a matter of time as investors join the bandwagon. The native currency of the environment is known as AVRK, which acts as a governance and utility token. The circulating AVRK supply is 40 million, and the price is currently $0.27 per token in phase 8 of the presale.

Avorak is among the first AI crypto assets, giving it a first-market mover advantage over the competition. The project has the required characteristics and will attract many crypto-savvy investors looking for exponential growth on emerging blockchain-based projects. The platform believes in a developmental phase that involves competition whereby all other upcoming projects will always look up to its standards. The project roadmap is sophisticated and on point, starting from the point of inauguration towards the launching period.

Avorak Trade is the current tool embedded within the platform’s systems and has a variable implementation technique that will help a trader conduct trades. Machine learning is the system that allows the activity of studying previous trades and coming up with solutions for futuristic trades. The tool also provides technical indicators that will alert the traders when there is a change in a trend or movement from the market.

Avorak Trade


The cryptocurrency environment needs to embrace artificial intelligence as one of the key innovations that will make a change to its systems that, at times, slower activities, including transactional speed, scalability, and interoperability. The ecosystem has thus introduced Avorak AI into the palm of traders, content generators, image creators, and extensive digital firms. Digital currency firms are provided with AI chatbots that efficiently help communicate quickly with clients.

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