Itheum announces the launch of Panacare DAO

The Panacare DAO happens to be an absolute landmark in the case of healthcare technology. This will inevitably pave the way for a user-friendly, as well as safe, and easily available health data landscape.

At the present moment in time, the healthcare system happens to be undergoing locked data silos, along with data thefts and a missing sense of safety, as well as manageability for individuals. 

In this scenario, Panacare DAO will be providing the opportunity for patients to be able to own their health data and be in the position of carrying out activities with total clarity and in tandem with healthcare providers. 

The primary focus of Panacare DAO happens to be addressing all of the issues related to the present healthcare system and its anomalies. It aims to do this through the gathering of healthcare providers, payers, professionals, as well as researchers and patients, in order to be able to collectively work towards innovating solutions that will, in turn, enhance the overall healthcare situation.

It offers a decentralized platform for the community to be able to work on the development of healthcare protocols, and sharing of general ideas and information, so as to be able to provide real-world solutions for the numerous obstacles and make it all more patient-oriented. 

In the present scenario, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are making their presence felt in the world of various corporations and enterprises utilizing the enormous power of decentralization connected with Web3. The DAOs come with a community-oriented decision-making system instead of having sole authority. This makes everything fairer and more transparent.  

The partnership formed between Itheum and Panacare DAO will be working towards offering the control of healthcare data in the hands of the individual with the help of three distinct tools. The first will be the Data NFT Technology for the sake of safe and effective data control, which will be provided by Itheum. 

The second tool will be the Health Metaverse Passport, which will offer ownership as well as control of relevant health data. The third will be the Data Coalition DAO which will work on data governance. Data Coalitions happen to be DAOs in which the builder’s bonds $ITHEUM tokens in order to form and run. 

The entity Panacare happens to be a healthcare technology platform that utilizes Web3 in order to find solutions for the obstacles that seem to haunt all of the collective stakeholders in the deliverance of interoperable healthcare services. 


By keeping the patient as a top priority, the goal of Panacare happens to lie in the offering of an all-rounded perspective of the health journey of an individual. Also on offer will be a total deal living up to data protection regulations, as well as regional legal frameworks. There is a commitment to linking individuals with the relevant healthcare services that are required by them through the utilization of innovative technologies. 

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