Jack Dorsey And His Love For Cryptocurrency

Every week, industry participants around the world have posted their weekly BTC  in an attempt to show that they are stacking Bitcoin in preparation for further adoption. Although Pierre Rochard, Spot and many other leading personalities already participated in the pseudo-movement, accumulation on Saturday won greatly when Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square’s CEO, joined the fun and buying Bitcoin for his own App.

It is not clear whether Dorsey is going to return to stake the Satoshis for the next round, but Bitcoin’s nod has nevertheless been appreciated.

When asked about this to Jack Dorsey he said that, after reading his remarkably “beautiful” whitepaper, he was fascinated by Bitcoin. Dorsey has also reaffirmed his belief in a new technological revolution for Bitcoins and Blockchains.

Regarding Bitcoin and blockchain, and their impact on Internet growth as a whole, Dorsey says that he is thinking of a “massive acceleration.”He went on to say why he chose to integrate bitcoin into Square’s Cash App. He said that he wants to play a leading role in the movement of crypto – payment and that he wants to help lead the revolution instead of standing idly by while this is happening:

He said :

“I don’t want to wait around for that to happen to me or us as a company. I want to help make it happen. That’s why getting more into bitcoin and cryptocurrency was so interesting for us.”

He went on to add that no other technology impacts Square more than crypto besides artificial intelligence. So we definitely should have a well-formed opinion on what it does, and also how to contribute, how to make sure we contribute to its goodness.

When asked about how he sees the crypto development, Jack Dorsey said the same would be true for bitcoin and blockchain and digital currency just as how the internet, cell phone, laptop and tablet computers have changed the world. He even says that he is almost envious of the youth of today, who at such a young age are exposed to state – of – the – art technology.

Earlier this year, the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that he and his team is working with lightning labs to bring the bitcoin lightning network to square’s cash app.

“We’ve been exploring with Elizabeth and the Lightning team…We’d love to make it as fast and transactional as possible, including looking at our seller base and our register. It’s not an ‘if.’ It’s a ‘ when ‘ more. And how do we make sure we get the speed and efficiency that we need. Much of what we have been working on the seller side is making transactions as quickly as possible.”

Cash app from Square allows you to purchase, sell, and store Bitcoin instantly. The Square’s cash app doubles as a simple Bitcoin exchange and wallet. You can also transfer Bitcoin to other cash app accounts from your Square Cash App.

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