Japanese Firm Good Luck 3 Raises 100,000 USD in Crowdfunding Campaign


Having established itself as one of Japan’s renowned blockchain, entertainment, and production management studio, Good Luck 3, Inc. has started a Crowdfunding campaign through “FUNDINNO.” The strategically planned event was organized on November 27, 2019. Good Luck 3 is the proud creator of social games like the “Touch!Gudetama,” “Aerial Legends,” etc.

According to the latest reports concerning the campaign, the event turned about to be a huge success and garnered a lot of active participation from elite investors. The project received a whopping amount of 10,000,000 JPY, which is equivalent to $100,000 in just 3 minutes of going live. The funds pooled during the Crowdfunding campaign shall be utilized in the development and innovation of the existing projects. Special consideration shall be paid to strengthen the network of blockchain products offered by the firm. The firm would like to disburse a portion of the funds in the expansion of their blockchain offerings like Crypt-Oink, Japan’s first blockchain game, and globally reputed blockchain content platform, RAKUN.

Good Luck 3 is gearing up to present a new economic offering through “play.” The project aims to employ the excellence of blockchain technology in the creation of digital entertainment and content for users.


In November 2019, Good Luck 3 introduced the world with the RAKUN System via the “Oinkbook,” which works as a social media extension of Crypto-Oink Racing Friends. RAKUN uses blockchain to serve the users as a secure, borderless, and reliable marketplace for entertainment content products. By indulging in quality activity within Oinkbook, the users earn points that later help in purchasing unique content within the Crypt-Oink platform. The firm aspires to evolve as the ultimate pioneers in the field of blockchain-pegged entertainment offerings.

Crypt-Oink racing Friends is a popular blockchain-oriented video game where the gamers nurture and explore in the company of cute creatures named “Cryptons.” Over 3 trillion Cryptons are available on the Ethereum blockchain. These can be sold or traded by the players at their convenience. The video game takes pride in being Japan’s first blockchain game, and it satisfies the legal parameters of the country in all its forms.


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