JD.Com Launches New Blockchain Platform with its First App

Finmax, one of China’s largest retailers is planning to launch a new blockchain platform shortly. The focus on launching JD Blockchain Open Platform is allowing the customers of an enterprise to develop a new application on their own. These new apps will be by new, innovative and disorderly technology at its hands.

It hopes to motivate innovations with the help of this new platform, according to the reports. The goal of platform is providing the framework that the business customers of a company need to build their contract base system. These contracts will host on private and public enterprise clouds.

Finmax BTC

According to the blog by the company posted earlier this week suggests that this new platform will allow their ability to create and tune their smart contract applications along with some specific needs. The same post also suggests that this open platform blockchain is in support with several underlying technologies.

The reason behind this is to use these technologies for clients and allow them to stream through important operational policies and procedures. There are numerous services and exchanges which can benefit from these such as assessing ownership of goods, movement, and tracking of exchanges, verifying the authenticity of commodities, settling transactions and helping them to provide digital copyright.

According to, it believes that these crucial functions can enhance the productivity and enterprise customer relations in general as well as provide a clear sense of trust, transparency, and convenience for the clients. The main function behind this platform is to make it similar to Amazon blockchain structure templates which were remarked back in April.

The JD Blockchain Open Platform will execute this launch by a major Chinese retailer in exchange for providing technical services and solutions for the numerous issues that the traditional industry faces. This strategy is named RaaS – Retail as a Service – by the firm.

What does this hold for the clients?                                                                                                                

The clients benefit from this new launch with the assistance of “one-click deployment” on the Open Platform. Without proper knowledge of blockchain, it can certainly be hard for some of its clients and customers to understand the benefit. So they have decided to make it as accessibly simple as they can to provide knowledge to all its visitors.

The companies that lack this substance will soon realize the disruptive potential of this technology and would soon want to implement the same for their retail websites. As for the platform, it will feature an application store with blockchain tools and software to use by enterprise customers of

These tools and services are designed by the company’s developers and software engineers to provide no issues whatsoever. But will continue to assist and provide newer upgrades even after the launch by recruiting a few more software vendors to make their services as vibrant, new and accessible as possible.

The firm is considering everything to not provide any misleading or misguided information to any of its clients or customers. Each feature will have to pass through quality assessment before getting listed. Such high standards are hopeful at encouraging a higher number of customers to trust their services.

It will help the JD Blockchain Open Platform to turn into a major ecosystem that is reliable and strict with their products. These applications are also easily customizable according to the specific needs of a client.

Jian Pei, Head of, states that the JD Blockchain Open Platform is the culmination of experience and expertise brought together by the blockchain technology. It will be useful for providing their customers and clients with more developmental progress and visibility with this new launch.

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