JForex3 to JForex4 chart migration made easy by Dukascopy

Dukascopy is advancing to a new trading platform. It is doing so by ensuring that traders are not left behind in any way possible. Dukascopy has, therefore, announced the launch of chart migration. It enables traders to seamlessly migrate objects from JForex3 to JForex4. All they have to do is save a chart template and open it in JForex4.

Chart objects that can be migrated are retracement tools, drawings, indicators, and patterns. Dukascopy has made a name for itself in the list of UAE forex brokers. One would be right to assume that it is because of the facilities and features which are loaded on the platform. What makes this evident is the fact that any trader can perform the migration with no intervention of any third-party assistance.

Dukascopy has enabled the Drag-and-Drop method for traders. This will enable them to import objects as locals in JForex4. Notably, all the objects that are moved to the new trading platform can later be moved to JCloud in Objects Manager.

JForex4 made its debut in the market in January 2022, going live for public use in April 2022. The trading platform has come a long way since then, especially in terms of making the history of BID/ASK price movement available to traders at their fingertips.

There is less likely to arise a question about how secure is Dukascopy for the venture to have a clean record of supporting automated strategies trading. Manual interference is often a necessity when a migration process is underway. The same is not the case with Dukascopy, for it brings together a full set of customizable settings.

Traders can build any chart like Line Break, Kagi, and Renko.

One of the customizable settings that are doing rounds across the community is the freedom to set the worst price so that there are no auto-triggered executions during the bad times. Traders can choose from 250 indicators, and chart studies to better the results of their investments.

This is yet another milestone for Dukascopy, with the previous one coming on January 2023. That is when the venture integrated two new indices for MT4 Traders. These were:

  • South Africa Top 40 Index
  • Volatility Index

Dukascopy continues to offer over 1160 trading instruments. These include but are not limited to, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, and stocks. The development has also brought some speculation about Dukascopy to soon launch the MT5 trading platform. There is no official word on the launch of the MT5 trading platform, but speculation remains at its place within the trading community.

The trading platform was founded in 2004, and it is currently headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. MT4 is live for all the traders, per an announcement by Dukascopy.

Dukascopy brought Chart Migration following an important update wherein it launched a peer-to-peer exchange service for cryptocurrency. The service is backed by 12 top digital assets with the potential to include more digital assets in the days to come.

Traders can leverage the simplicity of the Drag-and-Drop method to migrate their charts from JForex3 to JForex4. All the said objects will have a seamless transition of becoming local objects in the new platform.

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